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Shopping for vintage is like an art unto itself what with the endless sifting, sizing and bargaining involved. It can be frustrating to enter a vintage situation blindly if you’re a newbie to the process, or just simply strapped for time. But, like vintage goddesses descending from the shopping heavens, Jennifer Collins and Megan Freilich came to us with their newly launched site PinkClouds to address all of our vintage issues (can you say #fashiongirlproblems?) With both e-commerce and editorialized components, the site curates a small selection of key vintage pieces for you to browse think Gucci, YSL, Missoni, etc. and purchase without having to lift your little well-heeled legs from your chair. We chatted with Jennifer, one half of the vintage obsessed duo, to learn more about the whimsically named company and get a few insider tips for those times when we do have to do our own legwork.

First off, whats the story behind the name PinkClouds?
The name comes from a candy bottle I found in Barcelona that said pinkclouds for grey days. Vintage is like our candy it cheers us up when things are grey and boring!

 Vintage Shopping   The New Way To Do ItWe completely agree… What inspired you to start the site?
Megan and I have always shared a love for vintage shopping, and over the years I have developed a fascination for the growing world of online fashion. So, we thought, why not merge the two and build a dynamic site that showcases vintage fashion the way modern girls wear it?

Our goal was to build a beautiful, easy to navigate e-commerce site that sells an edited collection of vintage garments, all of which are in the best of condition including having been repaired and dry cleaned prior to shipping.

What’s the difference between The Fix and The Find sections on PinkClouds?
The Fix is all about themed sales. The Find is our blog about all the things that inspire us.

We love that PinkClouds expands beyond e-commerce to provide a more editorialized experience. What about the non-virtual world? Do you have any favorite places to shop for vintage on land?

Marlene Wetherell
The Showplace/Gallerie 210
40 West 25th St
New York, NY

170 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY

The Garage
26th Street between 5th and 6th
New York, NY

The Rose Bowl Flea Market
1001 Rose Bowl Dr
Pasadena, CA

Whats your secret for keeping vintage pieces in such great condition?
I keep all my favorite pieces in garment bags for safekeeping!

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Do you ever have to resist the temptation to keep some of PinkClouds merchandise for yourself?
YES. When Megan and I started working together, one of Megans biggest concerns about working with me was that I wouldnt be able to give up keeping the pieces!

Megan has been a vintage buyer for several years, and I was always her best and worst customer. I was continually buying, but at the same time, I was raiding her stock at a friends and family rate before she could even get it to a store. Needless to say, I have learned self-control.

Who are your fashion icons?
Edith Head, Coco Chanel, Joe McKenna, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Any fashion bloggers right now who you think do the best job of mixing vintage and modern?

Tales of Endearment! Megan and I both fell in love with the blog the first time we read it. I get so excited every time Tales of Endearment lights up on my Google Reader list. Her posts are sporadic but always worth the wait, kind of like PinkClouds!

How do you curate all the amazing vintage pieces on your site where are they sourced from?
Megan has been a vintage buyer for a while she has her secret sources.

 Vintage Shopping   The New Way To Do It

Whats your favorite vintage piece youve ever bought?
A leopard print romper! I snagged it from Megans inventory before she had a chance to sell it to one of her stores!

#1 tip for mixing vintage with modern designs?
Stick to the clothes and designers you love and work for your body and mix in vintage for a little flare. There is no better way to stand out.

We styled according to the way we both dress. Most of the looks came from our existing closets! We turned to our favorite brands and go to stores. I live in Yigal Azroul tops, and I think Stella makes the perfect pant. If I could, I would have a closet full of The Row, but since I cant, I am constantly shopping at AllSaints and Zara. Helmut Lang and Acne have the best fashion staples and I think a YSL heel makes everything look better. Next style out you will see more of our favorite brands!

Sifting through vintage stores can be an overwhelming process. Any tips for successful hunting?
Grab a coffee and have fun!

What makes PinkClouds a better shopping experience than scouring for vintage on land?
There is nothing better than the real thing. Megan and I will always be avid vintage shoppers because we love the hunt and we love the find. Sadly, we don’t all have the time or the energy to sift. PinkClouds offers an edited selection of our most beautiful finds for easy, fun shopping whenever you want it dangerous, we know.

All clothing is in the best condition and has been repaired and dry cleaned so that our customer receives items ready to be worn. You can buy complete looks by clicking on our wear with suggestions and find style inspiration in our STYLE section. Our style advisor is always listening for customers suggestions on what they are looking for and the designers they love. Just email us at

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