Victoria’s Secret Backstage – Anja, Alessandra, Adriana, Oh My!

Kerry Pieri
Victoria’s Secret Backstage – Anja, Alessandra, Adriana, Oh My!
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In this editorial game we’re always into finding the next “It” girl, chatting with her agent, getting some exclusive pics, asking her about herself and what it means to be the face everyone is dying to book. The fact is, models are our celebrities, so going backstage for hair and makeup at the Victoria’s Secret show is major.

Martha Streck and Lily Cole are making their VS debut, Jessica Stam is back for more, and Angels from Alessandra to Adriana and Selita Ebanks redefine girl crush. There were some high fashion highlights like Anja, Chanel and Maryna, and the vibe overall was like a really sweet non-catty sorority moment with spray tans, hair extensions and pink robes.

I got a chance to see the show, Katy Perry, Akon, half naked boys and girls who are so perfect, it kinda hurts but really, it’s a Broadway-level stage production with glitter. Get to know some of the genetically superior in the slide show above, and see the whole show when it airs on CBS, Tuesday, November 30th (10:00-11:00PM ET/PT).

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Lily Aldridge (far left) and her VS counterparts pose for the model paps.

A pink robe and a Chanel bag.

An eye makeup moment.

Anja Rubik
StyleCaster: How is doing Victoria’s Secret shows different from doing a lot of the high fashion that you do?
Anja: It’s completely different, it’s insanely different, it’s nothing the same apart from the fact that we walk down the runway. Everything is more body conscious, there’s a lot of body makeup and the hair is very easy, very kind of commercial, very flirty. The walk is also very sexy, whereas at fashion shows it’s more high end fashion. Here, they always ask you what you feel comfortable with, when it comes to outfits, so if you don’t want to show something, you don’t show it, you know usually at a fashion show they don’t ask you. They put you in the outfit and you like it. Here, it’s more about the girl.
StyleCaster: Did you do anything special to prep?
Anja: I work out all the time. I had to be very careful because I lose weight very easily. So not to lose too much weight, just eat regularly, or at least try to with crazy schedules. Um, I did work out, I worked out regularly – probably now I wish I had worked out more now that I’m here [laughs]. But no, I run, I do pilates, I do yoga, I did a little bit more abs yesterday, and hopefully it’ll be good.

Maryna Linchuk on the run.

Anne Vyalitsyna with Martha Streck.

An eye makeup moment.

Alessandra Ambrosio
StyleCaster: Who's been your fave musical performer so far?
Alessandra: Black Eyed Peas last year was pretty amazing and when Justin Timberlake was on the runway walking with us, that was incredible. And when Seal was doing his performance with Heidi, I was like crying backstage. That was so beautiful and romantic, so it’s hard to choose. Yesterday I was watching the rehearsal with Katy Perry and she did incredible.

Liu Wen
StyleCaster: What makes the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show different from other runway shows that you do?  
Liu: I think that this show is always very sexy, but I’m smiling. It’s very friendly, but it’s very cute. You can always party, because they have great singers here and we are wearing sexy clothes. And I have wings!
StyleCaster: Do you have any look that you’re most excited about wearing today?
Liu: Yes, I have two looks. The one I really like has these really big flags on my ass, it’s very cute. I just hope I don't hit anyone!

Lily Donaldson
StyleCaster: Did you do anything special to kind of prep or do any sort of workout?
Lily: Just slept as much as I could, and drank water, and kind of… you know, had a few massages.

StyleCaster: What about the performance, are you looking forward to it?
Lily: I’m totally excited for it, and the dancers are amazing. I saw the rehearsal yesterday – it was insane!
StyleCaster: Do you see yourself doing more with Victoria’s Secret after this?
Lily: Who knows? We’ll see after this time!

Chanel Iman
StyleCaster: Can you tell me how doing the Victoria’s Secret show is different than a lot of the high fashion runways that you do?
Chanel: Well, I think this is a fun show, it’s not really about the clothes, it’s about the girl... They allow you to just be yourself.
StyleCaster: Did you do anything special to prepare, just in terms of workouts or anything like that?
Chanel: Yeah, I did work out with my personal trainer and then I did a little bit of...a little bit of sleep [laughs].
StyleCaster: Always a good idea!

Isabeli Fontana
StyleCaster: So tell me how doing Victoria’s Secret shows is different than doing high fashion shows?
Isabeli: You can do anything with the audience. And it’s nice because it’s different, it’s not just a hanger walking down the runway. You can just have fun with it. And you wear all these sexy major goddess looks and you have to feel good. I mean, a beautiful girl walking down the runway and having fun, and doing whatever you wanna do, it’s just great.   
StyleCaster: So, is there any look that you’re really excited about wearing today?
Isabeli: Ooh yeah! I’m going to be a body builder, like I’m carrying a big bar. A big heavy bar, I really have to practice a lot of times! [laughs]

Erin Heatherton
StyleCaster: How is the VS fashion show different from the high fashion stuff that you do?
Erin: It’s different because when we walk on the runway, we’re really crazy. We really show our personalities. And when you work at a fashion show, you’re supposed to be the image of the brand, and you’re supposed to fit in with the other models, and this is all about standing out and being a star!
StyleCaster: And did you do anything special to prepare?
Erin: I just did a lot of hair masks, a lot of face masks; I didn’t work out more than I usually do. I have to maintain my body all year working for Victoria’s Secret, so I really just tried to get as much sleep as I could.
StyleCaster: What are some of the best things about working for Victoria’s Secret all the time?
Erin: Travel. I love to travel, I love the places we go, and I love the girls I work with. They’re like a family to me.

Just in case you forgot where we were!

Candice Swanepoel not needing makeup, seriously.

Lindsay Ellingson
StyleCaster: How is this experience different than the high fashion stuff you do?
Lindsay: Well, this is a lot more fun, first of all. I’ve been doing runway shows for six years, and this is the one that I look forward to out of all of them. The other ones are kind of all the same, and there’s beautiful clothes and everything, but [in] this one we get to show our personality, be ourselves on the runway, and it’s more about the girls, not just the lingerie or the clothes.
StyleCaster: So did you do anything special to prep?
Lindsay: Yeah, I’ve been taking hip hop classes. I really love dancing and it’s a really fun way to work out – you don’t feel like you’re working out.

Karolina Kurkova getting her hair did.

Magdalena Frackowiak in curlers.

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