Vena Cava Answers StyleCaster’s 17 Questions

Kerry Pieri

Lisa Mayock, Sophie Buhai Photo: Ben Hider, Getty

Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai are the kind of girls you meet, instantly want to be friends with, and make you consider going into business with your bff. When speaking to them, they bring the wit and obscure references that you might hear when watching vintage episodes of Dawson’s Creek or Gilmore Girls, only smarter and not in any way annoying. That they also create cool girl clothes that are completely creative, infinitely wearable, unexpected and chic is more than a plus. We couldn’t wait to hear how Lisa and Sophie would approach our 17 questions read on and find out for yourself!

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Vena Cava SS11 Photo: ImaxTree

1. Occupation?

We design and run Vena Cava!

2. Explain an average day at work in one sentence.

Lisa: Come in, emails, spill coffee on my keyboard, sketch some flats/work on some techpacks, meetings outside or within the office, emails, lunch on a stoop nearby, emails, meetings and hopefully something creative at some point.

3. High point/low point of your job?

Sophie: High point- getting to build a company, collaborate with friends and be our own bosses. Low point- never really being “done” with work.

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4. Favorite Beverage?

Lisa: That Boba Tapioca (Bubble) tea that was really popular a few years ago I never really got that out of my system.

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Meatballs, 1979

5. Most inspiring film for fashion?

Sophie: Ahhhh so many! The Long Goodbye, The Passenger, Celine and Julie Go Boating, The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, Betty Blue, Meatballs, Wanda and Charmed Life of the Bourgeoisie.

6. Comfort Food?

Lisa: Lasagna, boba tea (see above) and Twizzlers.

7. Best gift youve ever received?

Sophie: Home-made beef jerky and beer from my brother.

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Paris Photo: iStock

8. Greatest city in the world and why?

Lisa: Paris for breakfast foods, flea markets and wandering around somewhere beautiful, Mexico City for a sense of possibility, Buenos Aires for a steak dinner and a good party.

9. Whats one magazine, newspaper or website you read daily?

Sophie: The New York Times– iPhone App. Who reads the news on paper anymore?!

10. Fashion uniform when you were 16?

Lisa: Vintage ’50s dress with an over-sized grandpa cardigan and platform creepers.

11. Last clothing or accessory piece purchased?

Sophie: I got a new flannel Jalaba off eBay. I have been sort of obsessed with this idea of caftans and Jalabas it’s all I want to wear around the house. I’m really envious of the way Moroccan men dress.

12. One thing most people dont know about you?

Lisa: At one point in my life, I was considering being a professional tuba player. I’m not joking.

13. Favorite song on your iPod right now.

Sophie: “Shine On You Crazy Diamond,” Pink Floyd…. I am 14 again and have gotten deep into Pink Floyd. It’s just so good, and sounds so right again.

14. Best decade for fashion?

Lisa: The ’30s and the ’70s.

15. It girl right now?

Sophie: I’d have to say, my Great Aunt Barbara who is 80 years old has the most groundbreaking style of anyone I know. She’s got “it.”

16. Finish this sentence: The future of fashion is

Lisa: People that are being born right now…

17. What do you think all fashion industry people have in common?

Sophie: The desire to buy wholesale, a love for the word “fabulous,” an obsession with sushi, saying “Caio!,” and the desire to double kiss even when they are not French.

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