Twitter Birds: Meet The Girl Behind @BagSnob


The lady behind @Bagsnob may be a snob when it comes to carrying the best arm candy all day every day, but a snob in real life, she is not. Though the moniker is a bit misleading, we appreciate a woman who knows what she wants especially when those things include quality and aesthetic appeal. Meet Tina Craig, of Snob Global Media, who alongside her business partner Kelly Cook, runs all of the company’s sites including BagSnob, BeautySnob, CoutureSnob, etc AND manages to tweet on the reg and did we mention she’s a mother too? Tina took a few moments to chat Twitter, time management and shared a few secrets you might not know about the handbag-obsessed member of the Twitteratti.

So what does your typical day look like?
I begin each day by checking my twitter feed (it’s less of a commitment than checking emails), followed by the mad dash of getting my son ready for school. Once he’s off with his father, I have my usual Japanese plum tea with fruit and eggs and begin my work day. I go through my emails and check all the blogs (,,,, and to make sure all entries posted as planned. I head off to yoga mid morning at least three times a week; it keeps my mind clear and my butt toned (sitting at a desk all day is the worst for the derriere).

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Once or twice a week I’ll attend charity/fashion/social luncheons, but usually it’s a quick lunch at my desk before I go out to press appointments or R&D at Barneys/Neimans etc. I pick up my son by 3:30 PM and I become his chauffeur/short order cook/slave until he goes to bed at 8:30 PM.

I love cooking and try to cook at least four times a week: Chinese food is my preference but I also do a mean lobster pasta with homemade sauce. My husband and I like to keep our social commitments to a minimum; family dinners with our son is important to us. Studies have shown that eating dinner with your children at least 5 nights a week (it doesn’t matter what or where you eat as long as you eat together) greatly reduces the risk of substance abuse. I do not watch TV regularly, so most evenings are spent sitting next to my hubby while he watches football and I work on my Macbook. I go to NYC for work every 3-4 weeks those workdays are much more hectic!

How do you manage all of the different sectors of Snob Media AND tweet AND be a mother on top of it?
We do multiple entries a day per blog and it does get really hectic, but we have a wonderful team of writers and interns who help us keep it all together. Twitter is comic relief for me, it takes a minute to log in, keep up with my friends and tweet so it’s not really work. My husband is hands-on with our son and supportive of my career this is very helpful for a working mom!

You must have some amazing time management skills. Whats your secret?
I am good at multi-tasking, but there really is no secret other than prioritizing your commitments. In my life, my son comes first, everything else is scheduled accordingly. The minute I make an appointment or a to do list, I put it on my calendar in the iPhone so I don’t forget. I also set an alarm for every single thing, even shopping.

In true Twitter fashion, describe your personality in 140 or less:
I am high strung and strong willed but love a good laugh and can talk to just about anyone!

Whats your favorite and least favorite thing about Twitter?
I love being part of this huge community; my Twitter friends are super supportive and make me feel warm and fuzzy all over when I am feeling down. I don’t like the ‘location’ service on twitter it’s scary to let people know where you are at all times.

You are a pretty big authority when it comes to bags. What are your top high and low bag choices of the season?
For RESORT 2011

High: Celine Box bag in Neon Yellow Python
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Low: Olivia Harris Cross Zip Pocket Bubble Cotton – Round Sack
Retail: $355
Color- slate/cream
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Whats the most recent handbag purchase you made?
At Bottega Veneta I got an emerald green crocodile bag for me and a white crocodile hobo for Kelly.

106113 1290530396 Twitter Birds: Meet The Girl Behind @BagSnobHow many bags do you actually have in your closet?
Have not counted in awhile, but I think a couple of hundred.

Wow! So many to choose from. What’s the one youre carrying right now?
Proenza PS11 in black SICK.

106114 1290530549 Twitter Birds: Meet The Girl Behind @BagSnob

Biggest bag faux pas besides it actually being faux?
Lugging a giant day bag out to a formal dinner at night.

Any designers youd love to see come out with a handbag line?
Roland Mouret and Nicholas Kirkwood.

Three things your Twitter followers might not know about you?
1. I am a certified Pranic (energy) healer from the American Institute of Asian Studies. I studied energy healing for years and attended retreats and workshops all over the country.
2. I am an Ordained Clergy Member of the CSH and authorized to officiate religious rites and ceremonies, including marriage. (I did it so I could officiate the marriage of one of my best friends in 2003!)
3. I meditate daily. (Wow, I’m giving away all my secrets!)

You are definitely part of what we would call the Twitteratti. Do you actually know these fellow Twitterers personally, or are they relationships you have fostered through social media?
Other than @OscarPRgirl, whom I knew before we started tweeting, I met every one of the “Twitterati” Twitterers through Twitter. These were relationships that were fostered through social media but overlapped into real life. We’ve all become good friends and have dinners, shop and hang out together regularly. Meeting so many amazing people is probably the best thing about Twitter.

Top 5 people to follow:
@carlscrush – I love his self deprecating humor and hilarious observations on everything from football to lipstick.
@dkny – One of my Twitter BFFs, she gives great fashion advice and never leads you to bad hair.
@bergdorfs – Quirky and funny, obsessed with her dog. Need I say more?
@sashacharnin – My real-life friend for years, I coached her when she first joined Twitter and she’s taken off like a rocket. She is possibly the most shoe obsessed person I know. Her crazed rantings about shoes are borderline psychotic but so entertaining!
@fuggirls – These girls are the smartest and funniest chicks around.

#1 reason for unfollowing someone:
It is so boring when someone only tweets to promote their business. I unfollow immediately.

Whats the strangest thing someone has ever tweeted at you?
People often ask me to come over to their houses and edit their closets. I mean…

Life motto:
If you can think it, you can be it.