Tavi The Style Rookie Chats Miu Miu Naked Ladies And More

Tavi The Style Rookie Chats Miu Miu Naked Ladies And More
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It’s a rare event that will get me excited to cover it post-work on a Friday night after a long week, but the Six Scents launch managed to do just that. Besides being held at a space one block away from my apartment (which I discovered to my pleasant surprise upon arrival), the promise of getting to interview 14-year-old blogger phenom Tavi of the The Style Rookie and then test out six new designer collaborated scents over cocktails was a pretty enticing deal.

Each year, Six Scents pairs rising fashion designers with influential perfumers to create unique and original scents, all crafted around a central theme. This year’s theme: childhood memories and the influence of adolescence on identity. To get in on the olfactory experience, I headed downtown with our beauty editor, Rachel Adler, to see what this year’s Six Scents collection had to offer. Between the great tunes spun by Mike Nouveau, the artistic films on display in the warehouse-like space, and the scents laid out for testing, all my senses were appeased. But perhaps the best part of the night chatting with the aforementioned adolescent Tavi. The bite-sized blogger chatted with me about the scandalous things she gets away with wearing at school and what you’ll be doing to her hair next. Keep reading for the full interview.

So, I dont know if you know this, but a lot of people dressed up as you for Halloween..

I do know this.

And who do you think did it best?
I think Brad Goreski did a pretty good job…. Yeah, he had the glasses down.

You’ve been involved in a lot of projects besides your blog. What do you have coming up?
Kind of one, but, well now I feel like Im being really lame and like, ‘oh well I cant tell you’, but I actually probably shouldnt say anything. But, nothing fancy.

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with blogging now that you have so many other things in the works?
Well, its my main thing, so it doesnt make sense doing all these other things that are in relation to the blog if I wasnt actually updating my blog the only thing that makes it hard to keep up is school.

How old are you now?

So, what year does that make you?

Hows your freshman year going so far?
I like it a lot. I go to a really big school so I see a lot of different people every day and its like its own kind of society. Not like, I dont know… middle school was too small, like you knew exactly who you were going to see.

Do you have a uniform? Can you wear whatever you want?
You can wear whatever you want. The dress code is very poorly enforced.

Well, thats fun if youre in fashion, right?
Yeah. I wore my Miu Miu print with the naked ladies on it; I did not get in trouble. It was great.

So how did you get invovled with Six Scents?
Alia [Raza] made a film in February that she filmed me for and then I wrote a post on my blog where I kind of like, re-wrote Lady Gagas “Telephone” video and she was like, ‘I know you were joking, but it was actually kind of cool and so I want you to help me with the story’, so we just went back and forth between crafting the story for her film and editing it and all that.

Have you smelled all the scents?
No, not yet. Im really looking forward to it!

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
Well, I have a lot. Elizabeth [Spiridakis of White Lightning] is one of my favorites. Geometric Sleeves, Paper or Plastic?, I mean there are a lot that I follow, Garbage Dress, Hipster Musings, a lot…

Who are your style icons?
A lot. Isabella Blow, Anna Piaget, Edie Beale, Mr. Rogers and the last one would have to be Courtney Love.

So last question, I have to ask. What do you think youre going to do next with your hair?
I might let the dirty blond grow out. I naturally have dirty blond and I kind of miss it. So, Ill probably just let it do the awkward growing out thing for a while.

Ombre, love it!

All six fragrances in the Six Scents collection start rolling out in stores today and will be available at locations like Opening Ceremony, the Standard Hotels, Colette and others worldwide.

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Tavi Gevinson of The Style Rookie

Inside the space for the Six Scents event

Rad Hourani, one of the designers collaborating on a scent for the collection told me:
"I was interested in a scent that you can’t put in one category, and that when you smell the perfume you don’t know what it is exactly. So, basically the perfume is transformable, just like the clothes. When you put it on, you start smelling baby powder that represents birth, because we wanted to do a perfume that represents the cycle of life. And then you start smelling the rose, that represents love, and then leather to represent sex, and then musk for hope and then incense for death. So when you put on the perfume you start smelling all of these smells together."

Natalie Lyon, Charlotte di Calypso and Marie-Joelle Parent

Tavi Gevinson and Elizabeth Spiridakis of White Lightning

Sky Ferreira and Matt Kays

Tavi Gevinson and designer Rad Hourani

Becka Diamond

Becka Diamond and Rainer Judd

Alice St. Clair Erskine and Kaya Sorhaindo

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