Street Style NYC: Julia Frakes


102723 1286318977 240x Street Style NYC: Julia FrakesBetween fashion writing, modeling for NEXT and styling designer Rachel Antonoff’s spring 2011 collection, Julia Frakes is one busy 20 year old. But somehow in-between juggling her many hats, the well-beyond-her-years fashion industry insider has time to dress herself with a particular level of sartorial savvy, evidenced in the covetable laundry list of designer wares we spotted her sporting in our StreetCaster video above!

Watch the vid to find out who makes that gorgeous leather arm candy Frakes was carrying around for Fashion Week and who the writer-model-stylist extraordinaire names as her current style icon. And in honor of our collaboration with Timex, we’re highlighting our pick from the brand’s latest Timex Originals collection that we think would fit perfectly with Julia’s StreetCaster ensemble. This sleek, iconic black face is only $60 and would add just the right high-low touch to Julia’s outfit for Fashion Week. We love a girl who can make affordable pieces look like a million bucks. -Michelle Halpern

102719 1286318307 486x Street Style NYC: Julia Frakes
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