Savannah Miller Answers Our SC 17

Kerry Pieri

Sienna and Savannah Miller. Photo: courtesy of Twenty8Twelve

What more fun can two sisters have than playing dress-up together for a living? Although, the logistics of Twenty8Twelve are a bit more big time than that: i.e Savannah Miller is a grad from the prestigious Central Saint Martins, her business partner is a fashion icon and actress you may have heard of and their label for cool girls is now a global fashion brand. Long story short? A seasoned designer links up with her red carpet darling sister and a fashion success story is made.

We submitted seventeen questions to the design end of the team, Savannah Miller, and got to know the pretty blond with a penchant for the ’70s who can help you through childbirth if called upon.

1. Occupation

Creative Director at Twenty8Twelve

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Photo courtesy of Twenty8Twelve

2. Explain an average day at work in one sentence
Never a day the same. Ever.

3. High point/low point of your job?
The shows are really exciting and I really enjoy seeing everything come together in its most beautiful, aspirational light. It helps to create a feeling of completion so we can focus on the next season. Low points are being away from my kids. Ive been in this job for five years and it still doesnt get any easier saying goodbye to them to go to work.

4. Favorite beverage?
Good ol Coca Cola.

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Film Still: Paris Texas

5. Most inspiring film for fashion?
Paris Texas by Wim Wenders.

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Sienna and Savannah Miller. Photo courtesy of Twenty8Twelve

6. Comfort food?
Roast chicken with broccoli and rice drowning in gravy on the sofa with Sienna.

7. Best gift youve ever received?
My engagement ring.

8. Greatest city in the world and why?
Paris because it is insanely chic and all the women ooze effortless sensuality and sexiness and everything is delicious.

9. Whats one magazine, newspaper or website you read daily?
The Sartorialist.

10. Fashion uniform when you were 16?
Terrifying! I was very into fluro and psychedelic clothes from Cyberdog when I was a teenager.
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Photo courtesy of Twenty8Twelve

11. Last clothing or accessory piece purchased?
A great pair of Twenty8Twelve jeans in the Sienna fit.

12. One thing most people dont know about you?
I am a qualified doula which is a holistic birth partner. I was very inspired by the home births of my two babies and want to spread the love. Hopefully I will be able to practice one day!

13. Favorite song on your iPod right now
Jump For My Love by The Pointer Sisters

14. Best decade for fashion?
The Seventies

15. It girl right now?
Im obsessed with Coco Sumner.

16. Finish this sentence: The future of fashion…

17. What do you think all fashion industry people have in common?
Insanity and perfectionism.