Rockstar DNA: The Downtown Girl Gets Real


Alexandra Richards is pure rock and roll royalty. Daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and model Patti Hansen, this blond beauty has fashion and music in her blood. Fearless, chic and full of attitude, the stunning downtown model and DJ was destined for the spotlight. Be it spiky stilettos or skull accessories, she turns goth to glamour in our exclusive StyleCaster editorial. Read more to hear about Alexandras beauty tips, music picks and first venture into fashion.

103925 1288039199 Rockstar DNA: The Downtown Girl Gets RealStyleCaster: What was the first shoot you ever did?
Alexandra Richards: It was an editorial piece in W magazine that Bruce Weber shot. I must have been 9 or 10 and a chimpanzee was involved and elephants and snakes.

How would you describe your personal style?
Comfortable, black.

What is number one on your fall must-have shopping list?
Burberry shearling coat.

Who are your style icons?
My brother Marlon.

What are your tips for healthy skin and hair?
Less is more. I always forget, but I feel wonderful after I use Tracie Martyns face wash. Morning and night. Always keep a clean face before bed. I use Frederic Fekkai Baby Blonde shampoo; its nice and light.

What is your morning (breakfast) must-have?

Coffee! And if I make the time, I love my egg white omelets with scallions and a little parsley.

Whats your favorite place in the world?
I haven’t been there yet, but crossing fingers [on] Hawaii.

Whats on your iPod?

Black Crows, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Chuck Berry, Etta James, Creedence Clearwater, Guns N Roses, Itals, Wynos, Everly Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Howlin Wolf, LCD Soundsystem, Ramones, Ronnets, Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Favorite party song to DJ?
So many, but right now I guess it would be Soul Rebel by Bob Marley and Trust in Me by Etta James.

Favorite thing you wore on the StyleCaster shoot?
The jewelry and masks were incredible on the shoot. I loved the whole mystical creature theme we were going for.

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Whats your biggest indulgence?
Furniture. I’ve been at my place for three years and only have had a bean bag to sit on in my living room.

What has been your scariest fashion moment?

I sometimes used to wear a black, short-haired wig with bangs to middle school.

What is your favorite footwear?

My black leather Chuck Taylors.

What are your favorite movies?
What About Bob?, Groundhog Day.

What is your fitness routine?
I run the Brooklyn Bridge and have a membership at David Barton gym.

Are you reading anything right now?
A biography on Queen Victoria.

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All images courtesy of Wilhelmina Women