Polaroids From Abroad: Fashion Destination, Seoul

Polaroids From Abroad: Fashion Destination, Seoul
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Rounding out my seasonal tour of Fashion Weeks this year was Seoul, South Korea. Nine days in a far away land seemed to be exactly what the doctor ordered. My agenda, which included two mini documentaries and research for Vogue Italia was paired with a long list of local presentations covering both menswear and womenswear. This being Seoul Fashion Week’s TENTH anniversary, I was hoping to find and announce the next big name in Korean fashion. Perhaps less successful on this front, my take-away was certainly a grander appreciation for the names that have already made their way to the international stage. My time with designers such as Juun J., Park Choon Moo and Lie Sang Bong were among my highlights. Let’s not forget SFW’s special international guest the Korean-American Doo-Ri Chung who without a doubt gave me my best interview despite our production difficulties backstage.

Being a “destination fashion week,” many of my friends and peers came to help Seoul celebrate their anniversary all starting with a “run-in” with Brian Lichtenberg at the Asaiana Airline boarding line. From the first night we CELEBRATED starting with the CFDA / 10 Corso Como event where Thakoon popped in pre-Tokyo, then there was the artfully international crowd at the Robert Knoke event where Seven’s Joseph Quartana DJ’d, but it must be said my favorite night was the Lie Sang Bong after-party at the Ritz where PAPER Magazine’s Pierce Jackson had a dance-off with several Korean pop stars after I was introduced toRia Korea’s equivalent of American performerPink via an on-stage announcer.

Favorite memory would be: post late night Korean BBQ dinner I was asked by a local hip-hop inspired kid if I was a New Yorker. When I replied yes he said “well I am a Seoul-er” priceless.

Kristopher Arden-Houser, born in California, now lives and works between New York City and Antwerp. Collaborating with international brands, creative directors and editors alike, he recently sat on the master juries of both La
Cambre and the Royal Academy of Art in Belgium. Arden-Houser has contributed to T Magazine – NY Times (US), Vogue Italia (IT), British Vogue (UK), A Magazine Curated by (BE), Ponystep (UK), Fantastic Man (NL), Style.com (US) and LURVE Magazine (FR), among a myriad of other consulting and special projects. For more information, visit www.from1000.tumblr.com

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Models at the Lie Sang Bong run-through

View over the Han river at sunset

Staging at Resurrection's show with projections on giant balloons

Shoes at Mw show

Resurrection's keen eyewear collaboration

Show hats on display at the new seven story Comme des Garçons store

Backstage with Korean beauty Yuhanna

Juun J. observing his pre-show rehearsal

Galleria department store all lit up at night

Johnny Hates Jazz on-runway performance

Playsam rocking rabbit at the 10 Corso Como Seoul / CFDA event

Quirky stylings of Kang from the Textile News

Mathieu from the Materaliste.com's Louboutin studded shoe

Robert Knoke shirt from the 00 VOLUME ONE - Black Material event hosted by Juun J. and Seven New York's Joseph Quartana

Open back at Doo-Ri Chung's show

Lights at Ritz's Club Eden

Designer Lie Sang Bong at his afterparty

An installation showcasing ten iconic Korean designers during Seoul Fashion Week's 10th anniversary party at Leeum (Samsung's Museum of Art)

A view over Seoul city from my room at the Art Nouveau City hotel

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