Pamela Love: 17 Questions

Kerry Pieri

Julia Restion Roitfeld and Pamela Love. Photo: Rabbani And Solimene Photography, WireImage

Pamela Love
is the unique designer who appeals to indie fashion bloggers and the pages of Vogue all at once and still maintains downtown credibility with her macabre-luxe approach to incredibly cool jewelry design. Her talon cuffs are the stuff of getting noticed, and with her long curly hair and bohemian-meets-urban style, the designer herself has done just the same. We got to know this New York girl with a penchant for oxidized silver; do the same in the 17 questions below.

1. Occupation?
Jewelry designer.

104769 1289231058 Pamela Love: 17 Questions
Rings from Pamela Love’s Fall 2010 collection.

2. Explain an average day at work in one sentence.
Working on new designs and running the business with my team in my awesome little studio/office.

3. High point/low point of your job?
I love creating new collections, playing with different materials, producing unexpected pieces, and simply being able to make a career out of something I enjoy. Low points would just be taking on too many projects and wishing I had more time to dedicate to each.
104770 1289231125 Pamela Love: 17 Questions
Bracelets from Pamela Love’s Fall 2010 collection.

4. Favorite beverage?
Green tea.

104771 1289231394 Pamela Love: 17 Questions

5. Most inspiring film for fashion?

Thelma and Louise

6. Comfort food?
Veggie nachos.

7. Best gift youve ever received?
A pair of dangly earrings with my birthstone in them. My mother gave them to me when I was six and I refused to take them off. I eventually lost one, but I’ve held onto the other as a reminder of my first connection to jewelry.

8. Greatest city in the world and why?
New York. It holds the roots and potential for everything. Thats why I live here. And it’s a huge part of my career. I produce all of my jewelry here in New York, which I think is an integral part of my success.

104773 1289231872 Pamela Love: 17 Questions
9. Whats one magazine, newspaper or website you read daily?
I’m always checking out the Dossier blog.

10. Fashion uniform when you were 16?
A floral Betsey Johnson bodysuit with matching chiffon skirt.

11. Last clothing or accessory piece purchased?
Shoes from Topshop.

12. One thing most people dont know about you?
That I went to film school.

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13. Favorite song on your iPod right now?
Neil Young, “Time Fades Away.”

14. Best decade for fashion?
The ’60s and ’70s and early ’90s!

15. It girl right now?
I had so much fun with Alexa Chung at the Vogue shoot for the November issue. I think she has really incredible personal style.

16. Finish this sentence: The future of fashion is

17. What do you think all fashion industry people have in common?
Passion and drive. This industry wouldnt survive or have flourished to be what it is without particular people behind it.

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