Model Moment: Natalia Zakharova


Natalia Zakharova

Women Direct NY, Women Milano, Women Paris

Where were you born?
Russia, Omsk city

Where do you live now?

How were you discovered?
For my discovering I am grateful to one photographer and now good friend of mine Andrew Chavin from Eskimo Russia. He saw me in a nightclub. Incidentally, in that first night when I suddenly decided to go out.

What was your very first modeling job?
Oh wow, let me think…It was an advertisement for one multi-brand store in Russia. Actually, really nice one.

Biggest campaign to date?
That’s a secret, coming soon..)

Runways walked:
Marc Jacobs , Jeremy Scott, Giorgio Armani and others

Whats your dream job?
Let’s go ahead …. That for which I will have “Oscar” 😉

What do you do for fun outside of work?
Meeting with my friends for coffee or some drinks in our special unique places, Modern Art, drawing and shooting on my polaroid camera, reading, art house movies, playing sports and traveling.

Who are your style icons?
I think you shouldn’t have any. Each of us is unique and your style should be a sound of your own personality not of someone else.
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Photo: Greg Verhaeghe, LOfficiel Russia

Whats the hardest part about your job?
Waking up

The easiest part?

Guilty pleasure movie rental?
Lost series

How would you describe your style in one sentence?
Rock’n roll

Biggest pet peeve?

Bad habit you cant shake?
Not one that I can’t shake

Whats the craziest thing youve ever done?
Get lost in one Chinese city without key, phone, knowledge of Chinese and addresses of where to go. Get back on the next day.

Last three fashion purchases?
Prada bag, Jil Sander jacket, Marc Jacobs coat.

Must-have beauty product:
Makeup remover 🙂

Top 5 songs currently playing on your iPod?
The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black. David Bowie – The man who sold the world. Hot Chip – One life Stand. Phoenix – Liztomania. Scissor Sisters – Running Out. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Heaven can wait.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
To be a doctor or psychologist

If you had to pick one – Shoes, bags or jewelry? And why?
Shoes, of course! Never enough!

Favorite coffee order?
Original Italian double espresso

Do you tweet?