Model Moment: Meet Jett R., Elite’s New Girl In Town


The all-American beauty got signed and booked for her first job within 24 hours.
Fashion newcomer Jett R, born Rebekah Mae Jett, went from a rural Maine student to an in-demand runway model overnight. Literally. On a cold February day, the leggy beauty walked into an open call at Elite and was immediately signed, and booked in the Mulberry Fall 2010 show. Now, this one-to-watch is learning to juggle school, social life, and a slew of high-profile jobs (most recently, she snagged a spread in V magazine). Here, the rising star reveals her New York survival tips, favorite frozen treat and her Marie Antoinette-worthy breakfast indulgence.

Name: My full name is Rebekah Mae Jett.

Where were you born: Ohio

Agency: Elite

Where do you live: In Maine, a small town about an hour outside of Portland, way back in the woods.

How were you discovered: I had a long weekend from school back in February and my family and I were spending it in NYC, where my Mom had some meetings. We were thinking about stopping by agencies and Elite had open call on Mondays at 3:00pm, so we stopped in and they offered me a contract! I was so excited. I’m STILL excited!!

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Dream job: Actually, modeling! Since I was around 10. I thought about other things, but always went back to modeling.

Describe your personal style: I’m still in the process of working out what sorts of things I really enjoy wearing. So far, I like simple things. I have a lot of solids, but I’m trying to branch out a bit now.

Whats your daily uniform: Shorts, a t-shirt, a massive bag, and my TOMS. I’m mostly trying not to bake in the ridiculous summer heat! The subway platforms are insane.

I cant leave home without my sweatshirt! Even in the summer, I’m ALWAYS freezing, so I try to lug around some kind of warm, soft outer layer.

Haircare secrets: I put my hair in French braids and then bun it so that when I wake up in the morning the short wispy hair on my hairline doesn’t stick straight up. Otherwise, it does what it wants and there’s no way to hold it down!

96237 1279832663 Model Moment: Meet Jett R., Elites New Girl In Town

Biggest indulgence: Leftover cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, which I eat for breakfast. The caramel one is the best, but I’ll take any of them.

Whats the best advice youve ever received: Since coming to New York, the most useful thing anyones told me is to watch the pedestrian street crossing signs, not the pedestrians. I hadn’t really thought about it, but I soon realized how many times I just got caught up in the crowds and started walking. I still do it, but not nearly as often.

Favorite place in the world: I love the Old Port in Portland, Maine. It’s so small and I get so excited about the little cobblestone streets. And I can’t get enough lobster, so it doesn’t get any better than coastal Maine!

Whats on your iPod: I’m in the mood for different things all the time, which leads to a ton of spontaneous downloads.

Currently reading: I just started This Boy’s Life by Tobias Wolff.

Morning must-have: Breakfast. Peanut butter and bananas. Its the first thing I think about when I wake up.

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Style icon: I love Frida Gustavsson’s street style. Everything she wears is gorgeous and put together, and the way she pulls each look off is completely hers.

What are you obsessed with at the moment: Frozen grapes. They taste like tiny popsicles I go through BAGS of them.

Favorite footwear: Ballet flats, TOMS, and my Rainbows. I love shoes with impressionable foot beds that mold as you walk. I keep them for years until they literally disintegrate.

Fitness routine: My favorite thing to do is run outside, especially in New York, because I always see something new at every corner.

Coffee or tea: Tea! I rotate between 15 or so different flavors. Coffee makes me a little sick (probably because of all the sugar I add to make it tastier).

BlackBerry or iPhone: Definitely my iPhone. BlackBerries confuse me!

96239 1279832664 486x Model Moment: Meet Jett R., Elites New Girl In Town

Childhood dream: To own an ice cream shop somewhere really warm.

Average amount of sleep per night: During school it hovers around six or seven hours. During summer though, I try to sleep as long as possible (11 hours if I can)!

Are you on Twitter: Nope. I’m not sure I need anything more to feed my Internet addiction!

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Jett on the Mulberry Fall 2010 runway. Photo: Imaxtree
96240 1279832666 486x Model Moment: Meet Jett R., Elites New Girl In Town
All photos unless otherwise indicated courtesy of Elite

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