Model Moment: Marilyn’s Julia Dunstall


Photo: Andrew Woffinden, Elle UK

Julia Dunstall is a Canadian native by way of Brooklyn who happens to come personally requested by Steven Meisel, have a Balenciaga campaign and a pretty visage that has been seen on more than one Vogue. Get to know this 25-year old and her thoughts on ’70s rock and cookie dough ice-cream.

Where were you born?
I was born in Canada Alberta.

Where do you live now?
In Bushwick, Brooklyn. Im staying in Brooklyn and getting a place in Williamsburg.

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Photo: Robbie Fimmano, Interview

How were you discovered?
In a shopping mall.

What was the first shoot you ever did?
In Toronto for a Canadian magazine.

What was your first big campaign?

Whats your personal style?
Well, grungy, goth, sometimes more 80s or skater.

Whats your dream job?
Working with kids, really, somehow.

What are you looking forward to wearing for fall?
Lots of layers.

One item?
No, I just have my favorite leather jacket.

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Photo: Greg Kessler, Tank

What is your skincare secret?
I use witch hazel and really thats it for cleaning because its really gentle.

Breakfast must have?
Cereal for sure, Cheerios.

Whats your fave place in the world?
Thats so hard, anywhere by the beach, the Caribbean.

Whats on your IPOD?
A lot of Kinks, rap, a lot of old 70s rock.

Whats your biggest indulgence?
Ice-cream, cookie dough.

Scariest fashion moment?
Probably losing my shoe, I have very small feet and I would always lose my shoes on the runway. I never fell though.

You kept your ground, speaking of that, what is your fave footwear?
Def chucks, my Converse, or my boots they are like army, jungle boots.

Coffee or tea?

Fitness routine?

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Photo: Francois Nars

Childhood dream?
To travel the world.

Blackberry or iphone.

Average hours of sleep you get each night.

Are you on Twitter?

Are you reading anything right now?
White Noise