Meet 5 Masterminds Of Photography, Styling And Beauty

Kerry Pieri

Photographer Tim Zaragoza

98311 1283265324 486x Meet 5 Masterminds Of Photography, Styling And Beauty Oak Magazine. Photo: Tim Zaragoza

Tim Zaragoza, Photographer
Tim Zaragoza
is an artist who began his craft by studying painting and later conceptual and video art at the San Francisco Art Institute. A move East spurred a push towards fashion photography where he began assisting notable lensmen Cleo Sullivan and Richard Burbridge. The D.C. natives artful approach is evident in each of his stylized images, which in the case of American Standard meld modern technique with retro beauty. “Model Kristy Kaurova’s simultaneously pure and piercing presence was a perfect subject for [stylist] Avena’s play on youth and refinement…there’s a restrained romanticism that transcends any direct-modern reference.” The 31-year olds insane film and photo skills have garnered him global recognition with features in publications ranging from CITY magazine, to Nylon, V Magazine online, Metal, Zoot, Ponytail, Gravure and S magazine.

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Digital retouching by Michael Dos Santos for S Magazine. Photo: Tim Zaragoza

Michael Dos Santos, Digital Retoucher
Michael Dos Santos works directly with Tim Zaragoza in artful digital retouching that ranges from a clean, perfecting approach to all-out art graphic techniques that leave the viewer astounded. Michael studied both computer science and photography. “When I got to the city six years ago, it proved to be a great combination,” Dos Santos explains. The two established Versatile Studios to meld their love of photography and digital artistry in 2004. “In this story, Tim’s idea was to have the model’s skin look very porcelain like… but still leave her skin texture in tact to make it look as natural as possible,” Dos Santos explains. “I love fashion imagery because I feel it is a market that is very accepting to high creativity.”

98345 1283282051 Meet 5 Masterminds Of Photography, Styling And Beauty Styling by Avena Gallagher for Muse. Photo: Jason Nocito.

Avena Gallagher, Stylist
Avena Gallagher
is an ultra creative stylist who also tends towards a veritas philosophy. Translation: what you see on the page ends up being what you want to don the next day. “I think it’s to do with reality, or something realistic, or real? I’m not much of a fantasy/conceptual stylist though I wish I was often…I have to be able to relate to the subjects and feel like I’d actually wear what I’ve made them wear,” the seasoned stylist explains. Gallagher’s work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Nylon, V, Crash, W, Purple, Dazed and Muse among other high glossies, as well as in campaigns for the likes of Diesel. The short-lived but well loved Preen magazine also counted her as Fashion Director. This quirky/cool fashion maven resides in Chinatown, NYC and took an intellectual approach to American Standard, saying “It was interesting because I’m not sure if I really had a handle on what American fashion looked like if it wasn’t going to look like skinny legs/falling-off-tank-tops/big-scary-shoes/statement purse/? But I kind of do now? I was also reading the biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay at the time and she was an American poet sensation. I think she might have been in my head a bit…”

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Hair by Shawn Mount for Vogue Nippon. Photo: Max Farago

Shawn Mount, Hairstylist
Hailing from Southern California, Shawn began his work as a hairstylist after a near fatal car accident. With his plans for the military thwarted, he attended Paul Mitchells Academy in Costa Mesa and turned his attention toward fashion in general, looking to Tom Ford as an icon. Ford’s modern take on a classic look inspired Shawn throughout his training and career, and he thrives for a mix of a unique view yet something raw at the same time. –Rachel Adler

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Makeup by Deanna Melluso. Photo: Jordan Donner

Deanna Melluso, Makeup Artist
Deanna Melluso
, a native New Yorker, drew her inspiration for makeup from growing up around the art scene. She credits her biggest inspiration to witnessing Linda Cantellos application of blue cobalt eye shadow in the early 90s. With that, Melluso went on to work with celebrity clients such as Lady Gaga, Cynthia Nixon and Hayden Panettiere and has been the artist behind advertising campaigns for Phillip Crangi, Tracy Reese and Prescriptives. –Rachel Adler

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