Katie Gallagher Gives Us A Peek Inside Her Fashion Week Prep


With her daring, sculptural designs, cool blond hair and just a year out of RISD, Katie Gallagher has become the fashion world’s latest obsession. Here, the young designer provides a sample day in her life in the first installment of our designer diaries leading up to Fashion Week S/S 2011.

7 AM: After grinding my teeth all night, I woke up and went on my daily run and gym routine, across the Williamsburg Bridge, back, and into the gym. Everything outside of my house is wet and in Chinatown, that means a lot of weird foamy puddles. I didn’t step in any today!

8:45 AM: I miss Undercover Bears. (7:25 in)

(Ed.’s note: Ditto. Our day starts so much better with a bowl of ’90s nostalgia oatmeal.)

9 AM: My boyfriend Nikolay rolls out of bed and makes some sort of noise. He does design and art direction during the week, but on evenings and weekends, he gets to play Katie’s helper. Today, he’s going to be dyeing some leather black in a big pot in the kitchen. In between preparing for Fashion Week, we still have to finish up some boutique orders.

97798 1282586791 486x Katie Gallagher Gives Us A Peek Inside Her Fashion Week Prep
11 AM: The kitchen looks like a war zone.

11:10 AM: Nikolay looks like the creature from the Black Lagoon.

1 PM: Now it’s time to quilt some big leather pieces. Kate Lanphear (who has been a huge help and one of the most supportive people in the industry I’ve met!), is styling my upcoming show, and she loved the structured, quilted pieces for the collection as much as I did! So I’m making some edits to my favorite beast-cloak.

97799 1282586799 486x Katie Gallagher Gives Us A Peek Inside Her Fashion Week Prep
3:30 PM: My cat Sveater is a pervert, but he’s the only true enjoyment I get out of these rainy, sewy days.

4 PM: The repairman stopped by and left our window open in the rain. Sveater tried to commit suicide; we caught him halfway out of the windowsill.

8 PM: Beast-cloak is done, and I’m back to sewing more Hallow Hoods from my F/W collection for Seven New York. One thing to mention is that I make everything in the line the patterns, the muslins, the samples and sometimes pieces of the production! The benefit is that I get to control everything and apply techniques that can’t easily be mass-produced especially at a small scale. After receiving some pieces that have been off in production last season, I realized I need to take some things into my own hands!

97800 1282586803 486x Katie Gallagher Gives Us A Peek Inside Her Fashion Week Prep
9 PM: Nikolay finally showered his dye off and bought some “Classic Bear” containers downstairs to archive my collections from SS10 and FW10 far far away and above the fridge. The “Classic Bear” box tells us “to pursue the perfection and nature, to show the incomparable brilliant.”

10 PM: Had some Lambrusco. Drunkard-by-proxy Sveater vomited a few inches away from my favorite shoes.

97797 1282586777 486x Katie Gallagher Gives Us A Peek Inside Her Fashion Week Prep
12:45 AM: Goodnight world!

Be sure to check back for more from Katie and other designers as we come closer to Fashion Week.

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