Kate Bosworth’s New Site JewelMint: A New Way To Buy Jewelry

Kate Bosworth’s New Site JewelMint: A New Way To Buy Jewelry
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Kate Bosworth is one of those actresses that truly seems like she wants to help. When you see her on the red carpet, there’s a simple glow about her face that reads pure authenticity and genuineness. Which is why it didn’t surprise me all that much to learn that Bosworth was collaborating on an affordable jewelry brand with celeb stylist Cher Coulter to bring women gorgeous jewelry minus the must-starve-myself-for-the-next-week-to-make-up-for-it prices. What I was curious about is why anyone would want to pay per month to receive jewelry from a singular line of designs but it seems that Bosworth’s got that one figured out already. And that doesn’t surprise me. We went straight to the actress to ask her why why jewelry, why online and why JewelMint is the way to go. We guess her name isn’t a bad start.

StyleCaster: What is it about jewelry in particular, rather than bags, shoes, or clothing that made you want to design?

Kate Bosworth: When approached with the opportunity to design jewelry at such an affordable price for customers, I realized there was a real lack of innovation at the lower priced end of the market. We’ve seen so many talented designers recently offer their clothing at a more affordable price without abandoning their originality (Rodarte for Target has been one of my favorites). Cher and I thought it would be a really exciting challenge to be able to bring a unique and high-end feel to jewelry at an affordable price.

We’ve followed your own personal style closely over the years and we often notice your method of accessorizing with jewelry is fairly minimal. What are your tips on how to wear jewelry right?
As long as it’s an expression of your personal style and you feel confident, it’s right. Fashion allows us as individuals to express our mood. Personally, I can feel quite classic and minimalist during the day, and at night feel more daring and rebellious. Jewelry can take a look from day to night and can work as a stand-alone piece or mix and match with other pieces. It can be the piece of focus in a look or just complement bolder clothing either way, it completes a style and is versatile and fun to play with.

Who is the ideal customer that JewelMint is targeting?
The JewelMint woman owns her own style and loves to accessorize with jewelry, but doesn’t want pieces you can find everywhere. She wants the personalized shopping experience that JewelMint offers and loves that she’s building a collection of unique, exclusive pieces. She’s extremely savvy and has fun mixing it up each month with high-fashion inspired pieces at a great price.

What do you think is enticing about the pay per month service that JewelMint offers?
The personalization, the amazing user experience and the incredible value. Cher and I have put a lot of passion into each piece in the JewelMint collection and because JewelMint is a subscription, we’re able to offer the collection exclusively to our members for $30 per month, that would otherwise retail for over $100. In addition to monthly personalized selections, our members also get access to exclusive content to understand our process and inspiration for each piece and suggestions on how to wear each piece.

All photos courtesy of JewelMint

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Kate Bosworth (left) and her celebrity stylist Cher Coulter

Burning star bracelet. Perfect to pair with a black cocktail dress.

Cleopatra Cabachon Earrings

Cleopatra Cabachon Earrings on model

Karma bangle

Karma bangle

Potion pendant necklace

Potion pendant necklace

Treasure box bracelet by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter

Rapunzel ring

Silver flower chain bracelet

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