IMG Model’s Swedish Beauty On The Lower East Side – Tilda Lindstam

IMG Model’s Swedish Beauty On The Lower East Side – Tilda Lindstam
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Tilda Lindstam started her career early, even by model-world standards. The Swedish stunner was scouted by IMG (her current agency) at the tender age of 11. Since moving to New York, Lindstam has walked in countless runway shows (3.1 Phillip Lim, Rachel Roy and Reed Krakoff to name a few) and has quickly become known for her unique brand of “grandma/punk” personal style (Vogue took notice during New York Fashion Week last month). Here, the Lower East Side local reveals her rules for dressing to get noticed (hint: wearing your Dad’s old bathrobe doesn’t hurt), and her secret obsessions hot neighbor and Greek yogurt among them.

Name: Tilda Lindstam

Birthday: March 1

Where were you born: Boras, Sweden

Where do you live: Lower East Side, Manhattan

103763 1287687499 IMG Models Swedish Beauty On The Lower East Side   Tilda LindstamHow were you discovered: IMG scouted me at my school when I was eleven.

Dream job: To be a pilot

Describe your personal style: Cheap vintage I wear a lot of weird patterns and heavy jackets and shoes. I’d describe it as a grandma’s couch/punk/a bit of everything kinda style.

What’s your daily uniform: Whatever looks cool on my floor and is in reaching distance from my bed.

I can’t leave home without: iPod, gum and my bracelets.

Best beauty secret you’ve learned on the job: Drink loads of water.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received: My dad always told me: be yourself, and the rest will follow.

Morning must-have: Coffee and eye serum.

Favorite place in the world: The best place I know at the moment would probably be the fire escape outside of my window. A beautiful view over the bridge and the LES. That’s where I have my coffee every morning and sit all night either reading, listening to music or just watching my lively neighborhood from above. It’s a really great place to be alone and to clear your head.

Currently reading: I’m reading American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis right now. It’s amazing.

Style icon: I must say my roommate and best friend Amanda Norgaard.

What are you obsessed with at the moment: My neighbor across the street. He always sits in his window across from my fire escape and smokes. So so hot! And Greek yogurt as well.

Most indulgent fashion purchase: Probably the socks I got from “the sock man” on St Marks.

Fitness routine: Walking everywhere and running over the bridge!

Coffee or tea: Coffee

Blackberry or iPhone: BlackBerry, but I wish I could have the Star Wars light sabre application for iPhones.

Childhood dream: To be an astronaut.

Average amount of sleep per night: Usually five or six hours.

Are you on twitter: I have an account but I’ve never used it. It seems so complicated.

What’s the last text you sent: “Wakawakaaa come to Brooklyn and watch some jewish rock with me and zippy. And please! Bring your fish!” To my friend Joachim.

Secret skill/something surprising about you: I am really good at memorizing lyrics. I also speak fake Russian pretty well!

Favorite body part: I finally kind of learned to like my fangs.

Favorite piece of clothing: Either my docs or my Dad’s old bathrobe.

Most memorable shoot/job: Yesterday I was on the Martha Stewart show and got to meet Martha in person which was awesome. I’ve always loved her she’s the coolest.

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Spotted on the streets of New York.

Tilda's IMG model card.

"Always been healthy."

"Practicing my 'WHAT?' face, and just being the bombshell babe i was as a child."

"Playing chess with my friends, just like every sunday."

"Friends on my roof."

"Me and my two roommates, Imogen and Amanda after seeing the Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!s"

"Me and my beautiful sister having fun with photobooth."

"Friends on rooftop."

"Me and my roommate Amanda doing our favorite awkward 'just hangin' pose."

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