Frank Tell: Pre-Fashion Show Studio Stop-By

Kerry Pieri
Frank Tell: Pre-Fashion Show Studio Stop-By
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There’s nothing cooler to me than seeing the process of an incredibly creative person during crunch time. When I visited Frank Tell in his 27th Street studio, he was in the last minute madness of preparing for his Lincoln Center show, but the buzz in the space was palpable. From intensely intricate knits to an alligator skin jacket that would make Hermes jealous and a collaboration with Doc Martens, it’s going to be amazing to see it all come together at his show tomorrow. Get the young designer’s point of view below and click through for a tour of his pre-Fashion Week studio.

So how are you feeling this Fashion Week compared to the first time youve shown?
Im really stressed out. Its just the bigger venue now. Its crunch time. Its going to come out really beautiful; I just need to finish doing everything. When its over, then Ill be fine.

Tell me about the venue and why you chose to go there.
Well we got this amazing partnership through W Hotels and the partnership is also to show at Lincoln Center. We really love the opportunity to show at Lincoln Center. I think for us especially, it would be a really good move in terms of the visibility. So yeah, were really, really excited.

Awesome! And tell me what you have in mind for this season.
I kind of started with the Navajo inspiration and then alien gods, somehow. Actually, I have a Navajo god wall. Its pretty much the god that kept the evil outside of the earth. We did a film that were going to show in our presentation. It kind of alien-ish, end of the world.

Tell me about the film.
It looks nothing like a fashion film. We didnt want it to be like that. The models looks really, really scary- like she belongs in Narnia. We shot it one day Upstate new York. Its really, really amazing.

Tell me what you had in mind for models when you were casting. Who did you look for?
I tend to cast models that are unconventionally beautiful, that embody a sense of quirkiness.

With a few days to go, what are your top priorities right now to get done?
Well hurrying all the factories to send me the stuff and just pretty much that finishing everything. I mean, were still working on a few patterns. And on top of that Im doing my friend Pamela Loves dresses for her presentation. So just a little bit more stress, but you know, Ill do anything for Pam.

Awesome, I was going to say, you had some cool collaborations in your show last season like Pamela Love and Raphael Young. Do you have anything this season?
Well, this season were using Doc Martens for our show because it just fits so well with the theme. We wanted the girl to be kind of like a tomboy this season for us. And it fits so well. I love Doc Martens. I wear them everyday.

Are you using Pamela Love jewelry again?
This season Im doing my own jewelry. Its inspired by minerals. Were using a lot of pyrite and just all these raw stones.

I know its a little hard to think of now, but once everything settles down do you have any post-Fashion Week plans to chill out? Once its all over and the madness has stopped.
Well, were going to Paris. Hopefully thats going to be a little more relaxed. But well be working there as well.

If you could have any celebrity or musician, past or present, come to your show, who would it be?
Oh my god! Im obsessed with Kate Bush right now. My intern, Claire, introduced me to her. So I would love to see a young Kate Bush here!

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