Ford Model’s Ethan James: Model Moment

Kerry Pieri

U Magazine May 2010 Photo: Shannon Sinclair

Ethan James has the sort of perfectly symmetrical face that artists would seriously contemplate carving into stone, but he’s also a Midwest transplant who has walked the runways of Rag & Bone and Dior and has appeared on the cover of L’Officiel and Paul Smith ads. Get to know the lead in Breaking Bread who may just take that perfect face behind the camera.

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L’Officiel Hommes China October 2010 Photo: Alessandro Dal Buoni



Caledonia, Michigan

What do you miss most about your hometown?
My family.

Big Break?
Opening Dior.
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Craziest thing youve been asked to do on an editorial shoot?
Jump around in shoes that were 2.5 sizes too small.

How would you describe your personal style?
I just really wear whatever I like…and try have it make sense with everything else I have on.

Dream photographer to work with?
Sara MoonImage 2
Paul Smith F/W 10 Paul Smith Fall/Winter 2010 Photo: Paul Smith

Favorite editorial youve been in?
L’Officiel China. We shot on a beautiful beach full of cool rocks…the colors of the beach went so well with the clothes.

What are three bands/singers or songs in rotation on your iPod?
A mix of stuff. I never really pay attention to artist names or lyrics…been dipping in random deep house.

Whats one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I sewed clothes with my grandma growing up. I hated what everyone else had on, so I kinda just did my own thing.

How would your best friend describe you in one sentence?
I really don’t know. Hopefully that I’m a good person haha.

All time favorite meal?
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Custommellow F/W 10 Fall/Winter 2010 Photo: Niall O’Brien

Best thing/worst thing about working in fashion?

Best is everything changes every six months…always makes things more interesting. Worst is friendships…with everyone always traveling it can be hard. You are not always able to be with who you want to the most.

Destination youd love to go to?

Biggest Fear?
Death by burning or drowning.

Where will you ideally be in 5 years?
I would love to be doing photography full time.