Fern Mallis Thinks Designers Don’t Spend Enough ‘Time And Money’ On Technology


Fashion meets tech panel from L to R: Tracy Trachta, Fern Mallis, Kimberly Minor, Emilio Sosa, Vivienne Tam and Sandie Cheng.

Fashion isn’t always known for its high-tech prowess this is the industry that still holds turn of century hand-sewn techniques in high esteem. But with blogs and websites abounding, it’s the perfect time to talk it over.

Continuing in the techie-meets-fashion trend, HP partnered with the SATC2 movie (Samantha conducts her high-powered deals on HP laptops in the much-awaited flick) to bring together a panel of industry insider to chat it out yesterday in NYC.

Host Vivienne Tam, who jumped on the tech bandwagon with a collaboration with HP, stated, “I think ultimately, the most important thing is good design and a good product. If you can tweet, great, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have good design.”

Panel member Fern Mallis (formerly of IMG) was more proactive, stating, “For being on the forefront of everything else, I think that designers are the last ones to embrace technology.”

“Very few are willing to invest the time and the money to let technology be an important part of their business,” she added.

Sounds like some designers better get cracking, er, typing.

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Fern Mallis
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Vivienne Tam’s HP collaboration notebook.

All images courtesy of HP

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