Why Industrial Rustic Decor Is the Design Trend You’ve Been Overlooking

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We’ve seen a lot of different takes on the industrial aesthetic. From Steampunk to street-inspired homes, these mechanics-oriented designs never fail to impress us. But today, we’re not just focusing on this one aesthetic. Instead, we’re combining it with another of our favorite styles for a unique take that is raw, gritty, and full of spirit.

Channeling the Wild West and the open frontier, we’re giving our industrial homes a rustic twist with high-quality photography and reclaimed woods. Using imagery of the open range and the wildlife that lives there, you can add depth to your home without losing any of its raw appeal.

Here’s Why It Works:

Exposed brick, concrete ceilings, and steel light fixtures all work to create a strong and gritty atmosphere. The rustic black-and-white artwork does nothing to compromise that. In fact, its subject matter and sketch-like composition add to that raw feel.

At the same time, the high quality and elegant nature of this artwork adds just a hint of refinement that instantly takes a home from cold to approachable. Rather than feeling like you’re actually in a warehouse, you can enjoy the architectural elements and designs that were influenced by this setting while still feeling like you’re in a home.

How to Combine the Two Styles:

Focus on Your Materials

There is a lot of overlap when it comes to rustic and industrial designs. Search for clean-lined pieces that will add sophistication to your home, but introduce them in reclaimed woods, metal, or leather.

Go for Delicacy

When creating this look, it’s important to pull from the delicate side of both aesthetics. You want your home to feel sophisticated while still being raw. Yes, you should find inspiration in factories and traditional ranches, but that should not get in the way of keeping things modern and livable.

Think Creatively

You want to capture the feel of industrial warehouses and modern frontiers, so think of creative ways to bring aspects of these places into your designs. Keeping your furniture simple and sleek, and your design concept minimal, you can bring in accents like a geared floor lamp or hair-on-hide ottoman without overwhelming the space. Introducing wildlife through high-quality photography will really bring your imagery across without creating a “ranch-themed” home.

What are your thoughts on the mixture of these two aesthetics? Why or why don’t they work together? Leave your comments below. Then be sure to check out our collection inspired by a modern approach to frontier style. And take a look at this new and refreshing take on Western style.

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