Indian Summer Sips by the bigLITTLE Gals

Blair Pfander

Calling all hopeless hostesses: Lauren Gerrie and Flannery Kette-Kolton—the food and entertaining experts behind New York’s bigLITTLE Get Together catering company—are here to add to some joie de vivre to your next party.
Founded in 2006 on the principle that even the smallest of get-togethers should feature memorable meals and cocktails, Gerrie and Kette-Kolton cook with a combination of precision and emotion, offering just a hint of sentiment with their delicious prepared confections.
And these ladies know that nothing makes a first impression at a splashy fall fete quite like the perfect Indian Summer cocktail. Here, they teach us how to prepare two spectacular sips inspired by the flavors of the season. Best of all—they’re easy enough for the most entertaining-challenged among us to bust out at our next dinner party.
Big Little
Tequila Spiked Hot Cider, serves 4
Gerrie and Kette-Kolton warm up with this boozy hot cider whenever “it’s brisk outside, and your soul is cold because summer is no longer here.”
1. Mix 1 quart of your favorite local apple cider (warmed in a pot on the stove) with  ½ cup Reprosado Tequila and 8 dashes of mole bitters (optional, or angostura is a good substitute)
2. Divide liquid into 4 tea cups
3. Garnish with orange slices
biglittle1 640 Indian Summer Sips by the bigLITTLE Gals
Andrew’s Famous Coconut Ginger Rum, serves 4
This refreshing “electrolyte-filled elixir” is perfectly crisp but still comforting thanks to white rum and ginger.
1. Infuse 1 cup white or coconut rum by soaking a 1 inch nub of sliced ginger in the rum for at least 48 hours. Keep chilled in the fridge or freezer
2. Divide ice among the 4 glasses
3. Divide rum into the glasses
4. Top glasses with coconut water—using as much or as little as you like, depending on how strong you like it
5. Garnish with lime slices
What’s your signature fall drink? Tell us in the comments below.