7 Cool New York City Boutiques You Should Be Following on Instagram

Kristen Bateman
boutiques 7 Cool New York City Boutiques You Should Be Following on Instagram

Photo: Opening Ceremony

If you’re looking for cool accounts to follow on Instagram, you might be surprised that indie boutiques are some of your best bets, not only for the tempting merchandise. Under-the-radar shops are stepping up and becoming less centered on product shots and becoming more curated to include art, editorials, runway shots, and images of real women sporting the fashion they sell, all while staying true to their core mission.

Below, see seven New York City boutiques whose feeds are nothing short of fabulous.


Who: Sincerely Tommy, the Brooklyn-based concept store

Follow them for: Abstract art, sculptures, shoe still lifes, closely cropped shots of interesting makeup, jewelry and accessories, inspirational road trip photos from Mexico and vintage photos of jazz singers and other unexpected style influencers.


Who: Creatures of Comfort, the SoHo-based boutique full of high-end fashion and jewelry

Follow them for: Most notably, the adorable animals, plenty of runway shots during New York Fashion Week, and a plethora of both models and real girls wearing actual pieces sold in the store.


Who: Opening Ceremony, the original cool-kid concept store that’s gone global

Follow them for: An inside peek at pieces from new designers that you won’t find anywhere else (yet). Also: some very OC-style photoshoots incorporating said fashion.


Who: Catbird, the Brooklyn mecca for tiny, delicate jewelry pieces and trinkets

Follow them for: The perfect assortment of slender diamond rings and gems that you’ll want to stack all at once.


Who: Assembly New York, the Lower East Side–based boutique stocking its own line plus indie newcomers like 69 and Sandy Liang

Follow them for: Everything, really. Assembly has the most random mix and we love it: Jack Nicholson eating a watermelon, the cookie monster at the Guggenheim museum, inspirational makeup shoots, and vintage editorials.


Who: Maryam Nassir Zadeh, the namesake boutique run by the downtown influencer, selling its own line of cult-worthy shoes and other indie brands

Follow them for: Plenty of Fashion Month coverage, vintage photos of Anna Wintour, a heavy dose of Kate Moss, and some fine art thrown in.


Who: Anthom, the Lower East Side store specializing in hard-to-find womenswear labels

Follow them for: Curated shots of their pieces in action, fashion still lifes, and a minimalistic spin on street style.