Yes, ‘In The Heights’ Has a Post Credits Scene—Here’s What Else Fans May Have Missed

'In the Heights'
Photo: Macall Polay / © Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection.

For those wondering if there’s really an In the Heights post-credits scene, you’re not alone. Many fans were surprised to learn that the movie musical included a surprise scene after the end credits, à la the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only in this instance, it was less of a teaser and more of a cherry on top for this year’s summer blockbuster!

If you caught In the Heights in theaters and walked out too soon to catch the post-credits, don’t fret—there’s still a way to watch the scene from the comfort of your own home if you’re an HBO Max subscriber (and if not, here are some ways you can watch the end credits scene and the rest of In the Heights for free.) But if you just want to know what you missed out on, keep on reading. Of course, keep in mind that there are some very minor spoilers ahead.

The In the Heights post-credits scene sees none other than the musical’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda closing out the film adaptation with a rendition of “Piragua – Reprise.” The song was originally featured in the Broadway show, and its appearance at the end of the movie certainly serves as a treat for fans who may have thought it was cut from the film’s soundtrack.

In the scene, Lin-Manuel plays the piragua guy singing sweet victory over his fellow street vendor: the Mister Softee truck driver. The ice cream truck has broken down, which leads all the customers to kick it back with some old-school piraguas instead. Of course, the piragüero is perfectly happy about that! His fellow vendor, played by none other than Lin-Manuel’s Hamilton co-star Christopher Jackson, may not be able to say the same—but like all things In the Heights, the moment is ultimately one for joy.

Speaking of Hamilton, though: Fans of Lin-Manuel’s other hit musical would appreciate this Easter Egg they may have missed during In the Heights. According to director Jon M. Chu, Lin-Manuel decided to honor his other movie-musical success with a quick instrumental rendition of one of Hamilton’s songs.

The easy-to-miss moment took place about 30 minutes into the film, when Nina’s dad calls Stanford in an effort to pay his daughter’s overdue tuition. He gets put on hold, and of course, the music that plays while he’s waiting is taken from the “Da da da dat da” phrase from Hamilton’s “You’ll Be Back.” As Chu told The Wrap, “That was indeed a Lin idea, and we wanted to make it a Muzak version. It’s all part of the ‘Lin-ematic Universe.’” We’re here for it.

In the Heights is in theaters and on HBO Max as of June 11, 2021.

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