In Honor of The Times Discovering Hashtags: 8 Fashion Faves

Kerry Pieri

Twitter is an odd little microcosm and as if the fashion world weren’t teeny tiny enough, Twitter created a space where fashion people can speak their little language in under 140 characters to each other almost exclusively. The Times dedicated a whole article to hashtags today, which is hilarious, as though they just discovered them.

The grey lady points to the generational confusion hashtags can cause! If I was talking to my grandmother, I wouldnt say, Im having a hashtag bad day because she wouldnt understand, said Matt Graves, a Twitter spokesman. Shed be like, Why is there a number there? My mom would be like, Im number winning. If my mom was trying to be hip, thats the kind of thing that would happen. Oh, moms and grandmas.

In honor of this unearthing, below find our 8 top hashtags as often utilized by aforementioned fashion kids. What are some of your faves?

1. #nowplaying
An easy way to announce what’s on the Pandora or iTunes in the showroom or at the office or a perfect little glimpse into the musical stylings of a brand or individual.
RT @TEXTILEEandJ #nowplaying Fleetwood Mac- Landslide

2. #fashiongirlproblems
A fashion based answer to the more wide in scope #whitegirlproblems, #fashiongirlproblems are issues dealt with by girls who love fashion. It is an indicator that you realize your problems are in essence silly, but that doesn’t make them any less dire.
RT @MyFDB My feet hurt…Note to self: wedge-heels are a bad idea if you plan on dancing all night long :/ #fashiongirlproblems

3. #cosign
The easiest way to say one fashion person agree with another fashion person. Can also be used more universally.

4. #dark
Anytime someone gets especially complain-y, macabre or maudlin in fashion tweeting, replying with #dark is especially useful in relaying your emotions towards said tweet.

5. #f*ckyoubagel
I don’t know him personally, but Michael Carl, “Fashion Market Director at Vanity Fair, sports freak, fashion obsessed, love a good practical joke. Hate bagels,” often hashtags #f*ckyoubagel without the * as a kind of carb aversion therapy. It’s kind of caught on and I find it hilarious.

6. #idie
A Zoe-ism that holds its status, can be used to refer to Zoe directly or any fashion related thing that makes you die.

7. #loveit
Concurrent with #idie, #loveit is a short, sweet, Twitter-friendly way to show your enthusiasm for a thing, person or tweet.
RT @kristinprim I’ve supported gay rights on the street today like 200 times. On the back of this girls clipboard was a pic of ellen + portia. Dying #LOVEIT

8. #fashion
Straight to the point.
@ KyleEditor Nina ricci resort appointment now!! #resort2012fashion #runway #fabulous #fashion #IHaveWorkToDoAnyway