A Smart-Ass Necklace That Subtly Says Exactly What You’re Thinking

Emily McBride
In God We Trust Sweet Nothing necklaces

Photo: In God We Trust

Let’s be real: We’re all kind of slaves to the pop culture lexicon, constantly breaking out phrases like “on fleek” in daily conversations and using hashtags that include #Flawless when crafting the perfect Insta caption.

I’m no exception, and I’m ready to take my love affair with quippy one-liners to the next level: I will wear them around my neck, which can absolutely be done, thanks to the In God We Trust’s Sweet Nothings necklaces I recently discovered.

Engraved with cheeky sayings and zeitgeisty references like Beyoncé‘s “I woke up like this” or Taylor‘s “Haters gonna hate,” these $40 heart-shaped pendants come in brass (though you can get them custom-made in gold or silver) on your choice of an 18- or a 24-inch plated chain.

Other phrases to choose from: “Bless this mess,” “Boring,” “Bad bitch” (or, if you’re really feeling yourself, “Best bitch”), but there are also plenty of non-FCC-approved statements available, such as “Really fuckin’ cute” or the ever-succinct “Fuck off,” if that’s your MO.

I opted for the simple “Blah Blah Blah” brass heart—it says so much by actually saying nothing at all. #Deep

In God We Trust blah blah blah necklace

The best part? If none of the current options appeal to you, fear not! You can order your own custom necklace with an engraving of your choosing, and it’s only $10 extra for brass. “Treat Yo’self,” anyone?