In France, McDonald’s ‘Royale With Cheese’ Becomes A Reality

Jessica Rubin

Welcome to the world, McBaguette! That’s right people, those lucky French folk are going to be the happy recipients of a brand-spankin’-new McDonald’s sandwich that will consist of burgers, lettuce, local swiss cheese and mustard sauce. Which sounds pretty fancy when you compare it with what Vincent and Jules dubbed “Le Big Mac” in Pulp Fiction.

McDonald’s does actually alter their menus depending on what country they’re in. In India you can even get a vegetarian sandwich of fried paneer cheese with spicy sauce (which honestly sounds delicious). So what do you think of this new take on the classic burger? Does the McBaguette have you yearning for some Parisian fast food, or are you happy to stick with the seeded bun that we’ve all come to know and love?

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