In Case You Missed It: Curb, Mad Men, and Bored Aired Last Night


Last night marked the first night of the last night of our social lives; TV season. With True Blood over, and things like sun going away soon, we need something to preoccupy us. Luckily, Bored to Death, Mad Men, and Curb Your Enthusiasm premiered last night. It’s set to be a very punny, sarcastic fall/winter full of scotch and trenchcoats.

Bored to Death, HBO, 9:30pm
The emo-haired Jason Schwartzman, depressed over being an unsuccessful writer, decides to become a freelance private investigator, dragging Zack Galifianakis, Ted Danson, Olivia Thirlby, and Kristin Wiig along with him. Basically a mix between Paper’s Brooklyn favorites, and actors who star on Funny or Die. This show also advertises the more obscure uses for CraigsList.


Mad Men, AMC, 10pm
Ready to get sucked back into coifed hair, Brooks Brothers, and imbibing during work? We are, too. Heading back to the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency to swoon over Don Draper and wish your ass looked like Joan Holloway in a pencil skirt.


Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO, 9pm
Angry bald dudes who piss off women and destroy birthday gifts with kitchen knives; welcome back, Curb Your Enthusiasm. We heard something about Larry David leaving Loretta before she finds out she has cancer, and we hear the cast of Seinfeld will be coming back for a fictional reunion episode. Maybe the Soup Nazi will come back too.

A two-hour premiere of House premieres tonight, check the preview out here.