Imperfect Perfection


I’ve never been one of those girls who grows up dreaming about her perfect wedding day. I’ve never subscribed to the “prince on a white horse” fantasy. I’ve never been in wait for someone to come along and rescue me. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen firsthand how fragile love and marriage can be. I know that sometimes, forever doesn’t really mean what it’s supposed to mean. Sometimes, despite people’s best intentions, forever just doesn’t happen. And so, I’ve never given much thought to what I want my wedding ring to look like. I know that most women have their princess-cut, four-carat symbols of “love” all picked out by the age of seven. Not me. I had no idea what I was looking for in that respect. Until now.

Browsing for an aquamarine ring on the Barneys website this morning, I came across this white diamond stunner by Sharon Khazzam. To me, this little piece of jewelry is a real reflection of love. It’s rough, uneven, varied in texture and size, but still somehow beautiful. It’s exactly what a marriage should be–perfect in it’s candid imperfection.

Sharon Khazzam white diamond ring, $11,200, at