This Cool New App Lets You Turn Any Photo Into—What Else?—An Emoji


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We think you’ll agree that emoji mania is at an all-time high. Between images in a Beyoncé video being replaced by the tiny icons, to everyone eagerly awaiting the new batch of 250 that are supposed to hit later this month, it’s clear we can’t get enough of adding these little guys to our texts and emails. The latest: A new app called Imoji that lets you turn your selfies, animals, and celebrities into emotions that you can text.

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The app was created by six friends in San Francisco who wanted a way to make texting more fun, and they definitely succeeded—apart from the ability to turn your own photos into icons, users can share their Imoji and contribute to an unlimited collection of user-generated stickers spanning all interests, according to Forbes.

Check out the app for yourself on the iTunes store—it’s free!

imoji app

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