Why Iman Shumpert, NBA Star and Home-Birth Guru, Just Won the Year

Cady Lang
Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

NBA star Iman Shumpert proved himself to be more than just the player with the best moves (and the best fade) in the league when he helped his fiancée, singer Teyana Taylor, deliver their baby daughter in their bathroom early this morning. According to an Instagram posted today on her account, Taylor gave birth in the bathtub, not knowing that she was “in labor until I felt her head.”

The 25-year-old singer really hit the jackpot with Shumpert as a fiancé and the baby’s father, as proved by Shumpert’s remarkable performance during the birth—not only did the baller keep a cool head while helping to birth baby Iman Shumpert Jr., but he even resourcefully used a pair of red headphones to tie the umbilical cord until the ambulance came.

Now that’s a man who knows how to work with what he’s got; if only Phil Jackson could be as innovative. (Don’t follow basketball? Look it up.)

Congratulations to the new parents. And Shump, you’re the real MVP.