Ilana Glazer Fired Two Male ‘Broad City’ Staffers Over Sexual Harassment

Ilana Glazer Fired Two Male ‘Broad City’ Staffers Over Sexual Harassment
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In the wake of Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein scandal, involving dozens of women accusing the film producer of sexual harassment and assault, “Broad City” creator Ilana Glazer is speaking out. The 30-year-old comedian took to Instagram on Tuesday to detail her own experience with sexual harassment, and how she’s fired several men on her popular Comedy Central show for harassing her or other women.

Glazer’s post—which was accompanied by the hashtag #MeToo, a viral social media campaign inviting sexual harassment and assault survivors to share their stories—began with the actress declaring that she’s been sexually harassed “countless times” by men of all occupations and ages. Glazer said that one sexual harassment experience in particular, with a doctor in New York City, led to her filing a complaint.

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“I’ve been sexually harassed countless times,” Glazer wrote. “In middle school, in high school—by more teachers than students! At work as a waitress, at work as a showrunner! Same same same—I was a woman in both places. I was sexually harassed by a creepyass doctor just last year and filed a complaint with NYC.”

Given her experience, Glazer has a no-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. So when she was able to call the shots on her successful sitcom, “Broad City,” she had no hesitation with firing two men on her staff—a background actor and sound technician—who sexually harassed women on her team.

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Glazer, who mentioned that she found the bravery to share her experience after reading stories from actors like Viola Davis and Tracy Lysette, ended her post with a powerful quote on why she couldn’t keep quiet, given her position.

“I was asked, ‘Are you sure?’ Hm. Okay. Yeah. Lemme think for a sec—YEAH I’M FUCKING SURE,” she wrote. “Getting sexually harassed seems to be constant, but having the opportunity to do something about it is rare.”

Read Glazer’s full account, below.