IKEA Wants To Sell You A House

Jamie Rose

What can’t IKEA do? Besides making cool furniture and Swedish meatballs, they’re now in the housing market.

Starting at around $80,000, the company is offering homes with one bedroom and bath that will be fully furnished with IKEA products. They’re also eco-friendly and have a cool name “Aktiv.”

The only question left is do you have to assemble the house yourself? Because if there’s one thing we all know about IKEA, it’s that everything you buy there is a DIY project. And for that low price, there has to be a catch somewhere.

This may seem new to the US market, but in the UK and Scandinavia IKEA has been building homes for years (over there they call themBoKlok). They look more like works of modern art than homes, but then again, wouldn’t you want to stand out amongst your neighbors?

If the whole “Aktiv” concept goes well here in the States, maybe we’ll be seeing IKEA apartment complexes and gated communities. Just imagine watching The Real Housewives of IKEA.

Would you buy a house from them or is this concept a little too modern for your taste? Leave us a comment below!

Photo Credit: Jezebel