Hallelujah! Ikea is Making Furniture That Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

Leah Bourne
ikea small space living ideas Hallelujah! Ikea is Making Furniture That Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

Photo: Ikea

We have one word for this: brilliant! Ikea is about to introduce furniture that’ll wirelessly recharge your phone.

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The furniture, which will debut in April, utilizes wireless charging stations that are integrated into items like desks, tables, lamps, and other pieces using a technology called Qi Wireless. Ikea will also begin selling add-on kits to add wireless charging to furniture you already own. According to the Wall Street Journal, the technology will add an extra $33 onto the price of furniture you’re purchasing.

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“Through research and home visits, we know that people hate cable mess,” said Jeanette Skjelmose, a corporate manager at Ikea. “They worry about not finding the charger and running out of power. Our new innovative solutions, which integrate wireless charging into home furnishings, will make life at home simpler.”

Before you get ready to replace every piece of furniture in your house with Ikea stuff, know that there is a caveat: The technology will work for Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus 6, and with a few other phones, but it work with iPhones, yet. Still, the possibility of saying goodbye to a mess of cords is promising.

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