Iggy Azalea to Nick Young: ‘You’ll Have Half a Penis’ If You Cheat

When she said, “We’re good,” Iggy Azalea apparently meant that she and fiancé Nick Young are good—as long as the viral media inferno they’ve been weathering is the only one of its kind. “I already said one more video, just one more thing, and you will lose a quarter of your meat,” Azalea told the radio show “Orlando & the Freakshow,” as TMZ reports. To clarify: “Like, you’ll have half a penis,” she said. Well, that is definitely clear enough.

In the midst of cheating allegations, after a leaked video of Young seemingly talking about a girl he’d been with plastered the Internet, Azalea confirmed to Ellen Degeneres on the host’s talk show recently that she and Young are OK (with the above-mentioned “we’re good” comment). That being said, “I’m not cool with it,” she told host Orlando Davis. She’s not going to stand idly by while her man cheats on her, for the record. “I have an actual spoken commitment that you’re going to get married to me … and that involves not doing any of those other things.” So, Yazalea is still a thing—for now.