If You’re Feeling Sinister…


Literary tradition asserts that spring is the time of rebirth, rejuvenation and reinvention—as deathly frozen winter melts away for the budding spring. In my case however, the time of new beginnings is autumn. Fall is marked by two things: 1. New school supply shopping (ohmigod Trapper Keeper binders that don’t fit in regulation sized public school lockers but I continuously buy… don’t even get me started…) and 2. Adopting some “cool kid” image for a week that come next school year I will only regret. What better opportunity to re-invent your look than with your lingering summer tan and a new course schedule in tow?

This is my first autumn without a back to school shopping spree which is very unsettling; grad school is starting to sound pretty nice right about now just to get the sensation of new Gelly Roll pens in 65 different colors (now with glitter!) again. Alas, “school supplies” are now “office supplies” which I order off of a W.B. Mason website—not nearly as glamorous as Office Max.

However, I can still add to my wardrobe and ignite a little change in my look. My absolute desire for fall is a new leather jacket, the perfect “take-that-school-board/anti-establishment” jacket to take you from that early morning detention to last period. An ideal purchase would be the Mike & Chris Alistair Long Sleeve Italian Lambskin Convertible Jacket in Anthracite Grey but at $965.00 it’s a little out of this aspiring badass’ price range—even if the hood and sleeves zip off, technically making it three articles of clothing (four if you’d ever wear only leather sleeves) in one. An excellent alternative is the Silence + Noise Hooded Bomber Jacket; at a more affordable $128 at urbanoutfitters.com the jacket is still deliciously fitted and the best part: hooded.

Leather bombers always reminds me of teenage ruffians and the perfect soundtrack for your teenage coming-of-age comedy is indie pop Belle and Sebastian’s “Sukie in the Graveyard.” With this on your i-pod/i-touch/i-phone and your new leather jacket, you’ll be turning heads of, not only your new fellow classmates, but you just might be flagged by the administration as a potential troublemaker. Don’t worry though, you can’t get a Saturday Breakfast Club detention for being super fly. I already checked.