If You Think Cupcakegate Sounds Ridiculous, You’re Not Alone

Jessica Rubin

Let’s face it, the world is a tricky and often times dangerous place. Which is why it’s comforting to know that there are organizations out there keeping watch and monitoring what’s going on. Or so we thought.

Yes, TSA has come under fire in the past for focusing on seemingly superfluous details in their efforts to maintain a safe air travel experience. It’s hard to imagine a bottle of formula posing a threat, but hey, anything can happen, right? But a controversy sparked by a cupcake in a jar? Well, that’s just too much.

According to CNN, professor Rebecca Hains innocently tried to transport a delicious “Red Velvet” jar, only to have it confiscated by airport security. TSA blogger Robert Burns defended TSA’s decision to remove this yummy treat, saying: “Our officers are regularly briefed and trained by TSA explosives specialists on how just about any common appliance, toy or doohickey can be turned into a dangerous explosive.” (Let’s take a moment to appreciate the presence of the word “doohickey.”)

This of course, sparked a debate on whether or not frosting should be considered a liquid. Frankly, this seems excessive — there must be something more important for TSA to focus on other than the consistency of Red Velvet frosting, or what exactly defines a cupcake.

So take note, “A cupcake isn’t always just a cupcake.” And apparently airport security also doubles as baked goodsconnoisseurs.

What do you think of the Cupcakegate “scandal?” Is it legitimate, or does it take focus away from issues that truly need attention? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below!

Image courtesy of The Daily What.