If You Like Fashion, You’ll Love This!

Rachel Siegel

If youre an avid StyleCaster fan, youll know weve had something pretty awesome in the workshence the exciting tweets!

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Ok, now back to our super secret update that were all really excited about.

The Story

When we first started StyleCaster, our goal was to help bring Style to the People. Our motto and our mission havent changed, and if anything weve grown even more devoted to this ideal.

StyleCaster has always been a community at heart and our foundation has always been our members. Weve become who we are because of you.

Now, were giving our community a much-needed facelift and even adding some pretty awesome features.

The Reveal

Heres the deal, Im not allowed to share it all just yet, but what Ive been able to convince the higher-ups to let me do is post an update a day for the next few days.

132082 1308753618 If You Like Fashion, You’ll Love This!

Ill update the links below to the new features, that way you can bookmark this article and not miss out.

Help Please!

Since I’m sharing our top-secret update ahead of time, I only think its fair that I can ask something in return. If you really, really, love fashion and style, youll show StyleCaster (and me!) some love and share this post.

If this article hits 50 Facebook likes, Ill share a feature early. For every 50 Facebook likes after that, Ill post another feature until we hit 150 likes.

Of course if youre not a StyleCaster member already, what are you waiting for? Youll only be able to take advantage of the cool new features if you join.