If you are stylish and you know it, strike a pose.


Like most people living in the bustling capitals of the world, Seoul’s denizens are a relatively fashionable bunch. The younger generation is certainly keenly aware of leading fashion trends, like skinny jeans for boys, colorful hoodies, and the versatile black leggings that girls tuck under just about every kind of skirt.

A sentiment I heard many times during Seoul Fashion Week was that the rest of Asia looks to Korea for leading trends in fashion and style, especially in music and celebrity-watching. This was surprising for a Westerner; I think most people would guess Japan is the leader.

In Seoul, what stuck out the most about the Street Style was the mix of high and low, and the mix of more obscure brands. There were Prada shoes, Eley Kishimoto dresses, Adidas and Marc Jacobs for sure, with Alexander McQueen skull scarves and Balenciaga bags thrown in for good measure. Have a look!

One noteworthy difference was the timidity with which most people posed for their photographs. The general reaction was embarrassment and shock, a hand going up to a face, or grabbing a nearby friend to hide behind. Once we got out to parties, the crowd seemed much more willing and expecting to pose for the photo. Come on, Korea! You’re stylish. Own it. (See more below.)