Idology: The Trip Home


Auditioning only months after the premature death of his wife, Danny Gokey was an early fan favorite on the show. While his vocals were consistently solid, his traumatic back story couldn’t make up for his lack of star quality, leaving him just shy of the finale.

But before Danny, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, received the results, video rolled of the contestants’ trips back to their hometowns.

Danny headed to Milwaukee, where he reunited with his friend Jamar, who auditioned with him and made it through to Hollywood week. Kris also received a warm welcome in Arkansas where he emotionally reunited with his father.

The mid-west boys’ trips were filled with heartfelt tears, a sense of accomplishment and joy, but Adam’s return to San Diego was by comparison, unsentimental. There was no cut to his parents proudly hugging their son or Adam getting choked up as he addressed his fans, instead we saw him teach a weather girl the proper way to apply eyeliner.

His rather dull video clip sums up the core issue with Adam – he is emotionally detached.

But despite this coldness, he clearly has many fans, among them Katy Perry, who made her alliance known during her performance of her new single “Waking Up In Vegas,” proudly displaying Adams name on the back of her eccentric cape-clad costume.

Speaking of detachment, the show didn’t host its annual Idol Gives Back Episode (we are in a recession…), and last night Alicia Keys gave a rather uninspiring speech about how our money has been making a difference in Africa. Idol also flew in a kid from Rwanda to perform on the show. What should have been a heart-warming experience all felt very contrived, not like the touching stories from previous years.

But the real highlight of the show was Ryan’s announcement that we can visit the American Idol judges’ desk at the Smithsonian. Would you head to D.C. to play Simon for a day?