Idolatry: The Top 4


Adam and Alison have both been praised by the judges for their spot on vocals, and this week was no exception. While their performances of “Whole Lot of Love” and “Cry Baby” were not goose bump inspiring, there was no denying they belonged.

For weeks, Adam’s over-the-top performance, black nail polish and eyeliner, and Alison’s goth outfits and multi-colored hair, were somewhat of a turnoff. But the two blended right in with guest mentor Slash, especially during their duet of “Slow Ride.”

In comparison, Kris and Danny’s duet to “Renegade” was tame, like a boy band trying to play with the big guys. Danny carried most of the vocals, because let’s face it- Kris is no rocker.

But Kris doesn’t need to hit notes only dogs can hear or dress up like a character from Rocky Horror Picture Show to woo the audience. He has been a dark horse from day one, but slow and steady wins the race. While it seemed like the judges were ushering him off the show, he held his own with Beatles’ “Come Together.”

Danny most likely screeched his way into the bottom two. Still lacking his shining moment this season, he aimed high with “Dream On” and missed, big time. He got an A for effort with the judges, but F for execution.

In danger tonight? It’s a toss up between Kris and Danny.

Who do you think will go home?