Idolatry: The Results


After being given numerous chances to show some sort of memorable, personable side, America gave up on Alison, leaving Adam, Kris and Danny as this season’s top three singers left on American Idol.

Alison may want to consider another genre, as she says goodbye on the theme week she prides herself on – rock and roll.

Humble Kris, as he is now fondly known by Simon, was the first contestant sent back to safety. Not surprising, Adam followed suit.

After Tuesday night’s screeching performance, it was assumed Danny would be sent home, especially since there has never been an Idol season with an all-male top three. But with an extremely weak season of girl contestants, another male finale is appropriate.

The most exciting, and er, interesting, moment of the night, was Paul Abdul’s performance of “I’m Just Here for the Music,” off her new album, which actually sounded like it came straight out of the 80s. Who knew Paula could still move like that and lip sync so well at the same time?

Next week we visit the top three’s hometowns and the remaining contestants sing two songs- one they pick and another chosen by the judges.

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