Idolatry: The Results Show


Mighty Ryan Seacrest, took us for a ride, dividing the Top 5 into two groups – Danny and Alison to his left and Kris and Matt to his right. Then like St. Pete guarding the golden gates to heaven, he turned to Adam and asked, “Which group do you think you belong in?”

Seacrest has been known to play this card at some point during each season- separating the top group from the bottom. Usually the cookie-cutter contestant refuses to choose sides, sometimes even plopping themselves down in the middle of the stage, but not this year.

Not one to conform to Idol standards, Adam boldly made his way over to Danny and Alison. In a dramatic moment Seacrest revealed he made the wrong choice and ushered him over to the fiery flames of Hell where Kris and Matt waited.

Danny and Alison’s mouths dropped open; gasps could be heard from the judges and boos were howled from the audience. How could the Golden Boy be in the bottom three?Ultimately the results were unsurprising, Matt G was sent packing, ironically on the night that should have been his strongest. What’s next for the first ever Idol contestant who was saved by the judges? There’s always a Justin Timberlake look-alike contest.

Did America make the right choice?