10 Genius Things to Freeze in Ice Cubes This Summer

10 Genius Things to Freeze in Ice Cubes This Summer
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If there’s one unremarkable necessity in this world, it’s ice cubes—objects you just don’t think about it until it’s time to put them to use. You want a cold drink, you toss in some ice, end of story. But with a little effort, the snoozy frozen squares can become serious centerpieces at any summer event—from rosé in the backyard to full-out cocktail parties.

Here, we’ve rounded up 10 genius ice cube recipes—using fresh fruit, herbs, savory pickles, and—brilliant!—extra wine. Click though to check them out (and get that Instagram ready—most of these are super-striking.)

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Grab any fruit you like—lemons, berries, kiwi, melon, etc—and cut into super-thin slices before adding to your ice cube tray. Amazing in anything from water and seltzer to cocktails.

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Both gorgeous and unexpected, floral ice cubes will make any drink instantly chicer. This one takes a couple of steps—and requires certain flowers—so head over to Martha Stewart now for a simple three-step tutorial.

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Double up on your vino intake with wine ice cubes—red, white, or rosé work—or toss 'em in a glass of club soda for a cool twist on spritzer.

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Mint is a favorite, but this also works with sage, rosemary, basil, or even cilantro (so good in a margarita!)

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Coconut milk ice cubes Adding these guys to smoothies, shakes, even iced green tea is a low-cal way to satisfy a sweet craving. Photo: Can you Freeze This

Coffee If you're over your iced coffee getting watered down by melting ice cubes, freeze actual coffee in ice trays. If you're feeling really ambitious, fill one row of the tray with coffee, and the other half with milk, or equal parts milk and ground vanilla bean. Photo: The Kitchen Paper

"Bloody Mary" ice cubes

Foodies will appreciate this: tomato-chile ice cubes (here's a great recipe from Food & Wine) that can be served in a glass of ice-cold vodka or even lemonade for a southwestern kick.

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Whether you toss these into a glass of soy milk ,club soda, or eat them on their own, sweet ice cubes are seriously easy to make. A few ideas: Cherries in almond milk, crushed Oreos in milk, sprinkles in soy milk, warmed peanut butter with milk and chocolate syrup, or strawberries in Greek yogurt.

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Pickles Add a savory kick to vodka by freezing thinly-sliced pickles in your ice cubes. Olives will also do the trick for a twist on a dirty martini.

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Pomegranate seeds

They look pretty, sure, but these little guys also pack a superfood punch. Add them to ice cubes and serve with anything, all summer.

Photo: Kenji Toma for Rachael Ray


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