I Want It All…


Something strange happened to me this week. Three men I would actually consider dating asked me out. This is mostly strange because it has probably been more than three weeks since getting any sort-of awkward first-date phone calls. Curious, indeed!

Dating often obeys the law of all or nothing. Everything seems to happen at once, or nothing seems to happen. I have four possible explanations:

Hormones: Assume that men are ruled by identical meeting-to-dating schedules—that is, most wait the same number of days between the meeting and the first call. And if they are also attracted to the sweet scent of our pheromones and estrogen, they will all call exactly one week post ovulation.

The Universe: That tricky Universe thinks it is so funny. It makes us go through scramble-wait cycles. Or, perhaps the Universe doesn’t think it is fair that you got three bouquets of flowers last Valentine’s Day, so it sends you nothing this year. Oh, Universe. You fickle creature, you!

No Explanation: There is no explanation. Roll with the punches and have a good time! And read a good book on your weeks off. It will give you something to talk about on your next date.

Non-sustainability: Booking three dates a week isn’t a proper allocation of resources. Instead, make the boys wait it out for the privilege of your company and you won’t have to worry about dry spells.

The last seems like the most feasible, and the most controllable, situation. So I shall listen to my own advice and spread out the dates. By the time I’m done, round two will hopefully begin!