I Want, I Need, I Can’t Live Without: Loeffler Randall Boots


Now that the weather is changing and I’m starting to feel a chill down my spine, I need to focus on stocking a few key pieces. Since we’ve completely destroyed Mother Earth, Fall has crept into NY swiftly today in the form of mostly cloudy skies with a shower or possible thunderstorm. If you live in NY, you might have noticed that it hasn’t stopped sprinkling since 7 am this morning. Laney and I had plans to shoot another StyleCaster short film today until Laney reported that there would be a 100% chance of precipitation. Shoot postponed for a sunnier day or at the very least, a dry one. With that said, this gives me a rare chance to sit at my desk for a few minutes to focus on something extremely important and pressing: online shopping.

I ripped through my closet this morning to find the right pair of boots to wear and found myself a little sad about my selection. So, here I am, crawling through all of my favorite online destinations in search of boots. Luckily, I don’t have to search much further for a pair that I absoloutely love. I can always rely on Loeffler Randall to churn out fresh new styles every season. I always tend to gravitate towards the flats since they are a part of my basic uniform but I decided that I need to venture out a bit. Here are a pair that I am seriously considering. Focus on the sexy cut-out detail at the instep. It is completely unexpected and a bit impractical considering my real-life weather restraints but, I NEED THEM. I’m loving them because they are a bit naughty and are seriously cool. Do you like?