‘I Wanna Marry Harry’ Was Officially Canceled

Good riddance to what probably will go down in pop culture annals as the most asinine reality show in history. Yes, people “I Wanna Marry Harry” was officially canceled after only four episodes.


Cheerio, old chap.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, “I Wanna to Marry Harry” is (was?) a FOX reality whose premise is (was?) simple: Twelve American women were flown to London to fight for the affection of a rich British guy that might be Prince Harry. Spoiler alert: The guy isn’t a prince at all, but rather an insipid oil-spill-cleaner named Matt Hicks, 23, who’s so broke he can’t afford a car and has to bike to work. The hook? He resembles Prince Harry enough to fool the squawking stereotypes back at the castle.

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This means that FOX managed to go out and find 12 women who didn’t bother to question why the most visible single royal in the free world would willingly look for a random wife on a reality show, or more importantly, how his grandmother—the Queen of England—would allow it.

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Obviously FOX intended the show to be a harmless, albeit successful, summer confection, but audiences weren’t biting: The May 20 premiere only pulled in 1.91 million total viewers, according to Nielsen, while this week’s episode drew less than 1 million viewers (which afforded FOX the honor of having the lowest-rated original show ever on one of the Big Four networks, according to Variety.)

We understand FOX’s high hopes—it’s so much fun to laugh at dumb females—but let’s not forget that American women are the people typically tuning into these types of shows and this one does our nationality and our gender zero favors. We’re glad the show got the boot, although we’re not sure how quickly the echo of laughter from every other nation in the world will subside.

For fans of the show (and judging from the ratings, these seem sparse), unaired episodes of “I Wanna Marry Harry” will be made available for early preview on Fox.com, Fox On Demand, FOX NOW and Hulu, starting tomorrow.

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