I Wanna Be…a Supermodel


The backstage scene at Rag & Bone was utter mayhem. I waited in line (if you can call an impatient scary mob of reporters a “line”) to interview David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, the two British cuties who design the clothes, for well over half an hour. It was the biggest (in scale and model-power) show of the week so far, and the energy was evident as soon as we stepped behind the big black curtain. I’m not a big model person (meaning, I don’t know all of their names and faces by heart like so many of my fashion cohorts do), but even I couldn’t help but be a little model-struck at the sight of Coco, Jessica, Sasha, Freja, Kim, and Lily in a friendly little cluster of gorgeousness.

Talking to Lily Donaldson (pictured above, of rumored-girlfriend-of-Michael-Phelps-fame) for the few seconds she had between hair and makeup made me think it wouldn’t be so bad to pose and walk runways for a living–but that’s not something we all didn’t know already.

As for the clothes? I thought they were good in a very tough, rock ‘n roll way. If that’s your thing, you’ll find more than enough in this season’s collection to satiate your sartorial appetite. After all, the boys did get their inspiration from Control, a film about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. You can see it in the super skinny, tailored suits, skinny ties, shiny fabrics, and dangerously short minis.

What do you think of Lily’s look for Rag & Bone?

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