I Only Care About The Clothes


Fashion week can best be described as the play-offs. I spend an entire season shooting the collections and personally, I get really antsy when I am in that final stretch of time when I have to ask myself if I’ve already shot this piece once before. It’s always around that time when I realize that I’ve pulled almost the entire collection of any given designer and I am truly ready to move onto the next season. This always leads up to the anticipation of fashion week and the need to be inspired with new styling tips, colors, silhouettes and fresh perspectives.

For as long as I could remember, I 100% knew that I would be sitting at designer collections, scribbling notes, and seated with other like-minded industry folks. I imagined myself expressing opinions with fellow editors on certain shows and exchanging tidbits of insider information – like the yummiest new restaurants or secret bar spots. Keep in mind, as a little girl, these thoughts were always accompanied with images of me planted between major celebrities in the fashion game. I guess you can say that I always knew this is what I would be doing with my life. No doubt about it.

Fast forward to today and I realize that the only thing that matters to me are the clothes. And since I’ve been playing producer all week for my amazing hostess Carol Han, I have been missing the actual runway shows as we run from one backstage interview to the next. Don’t be too sad for me. It’s all worth it as we capture all of the madness behind the scenes for you and I learn a thing or two about hair and make up.

At the end of it all, all I want is to see the fresh crop of designer clothing. Whether I see it seated at the show or backstage as it is being steamed, stitched and dressed on the models – I am a happy camper. In fact, I’m loving the backstage action and hearing first hand from the designer all of the inspiration and thought behind each new collection. I love the special tips from all of the hair and make up artists we’ve been meeting. It makes me so happy to see the talent excited to talk about their true passions.

Here’s a pic of Carol playing the hostess with the mostest, interviewing Jerry Tam, founder of Form. That is me off to the side taking my roll as producer very seriously. Check out that gorgeous view. It’s just another day at work.

Will you ever actually see me seated at a show again? hmmmm… I guess we will see.