Wait, What?! Now You Can Marry Yourself With A $300 Kit

Valeria Nekhim

box mock-up

We live in a culture where there’s nary a problem money can’t fix. Need to charge your phone while on the go? Buy a chic purse with a built in charger. Don’t have a serious romantic prospect with whom to wed? For $300, you can get everything you could possibly need to  … marry yourself.

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Wait, what?! That’s right, an L.A. based husband and wife team spoke to Cosmopolitan.com about their new Self-Wedding In-A-Box, a kit that includes a (rose, white, or yellow) gold ring to place on your own finger, vows for you to read to solidify your commitment to yourself, and day-of-the-week affirmation cards to ensure long lasting love. For those unwilling to splurge on their solo-nuptuals, there’s also a sterling silver ring for $45.

Their company, I Married Me, is rooted in the notion people should first and foremost practice self-love, and they ought to proclaim that love by tying the knot with the one individual who will forever be loyal to them—themselves. At their wedding, Jeffrey Levin, a jewelry designer, and Bonnie Powers, a design strategist, proved they’re no hypocrites by holding a self-marriage ceremony for each of the 120 guests in attendance. We can only imagine what the slow dances looked like that evening.

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But why do people need to put a ring on it and spend money on a wedding when they can just, you know, tap their heels twice and affirm their love for themselves for free, or by buying new shoes? Powers has an answer: “I think a lot of people have a void in themselves and they’re looking to fill it. We’re trying to remind people that they already have all that awesomeness inside.  This isn’t about waiting for the right one, it’s about you being the right one.”

The ring, she added, is a constant reminder of your commitment to self-love. “It’s one thing to think about yourself and say ‘I know I’m special’ but that doesn’t always last. When life throws you stuff that isn’t easy to deal with, you can [look at the ring and] remember, ‘I’m solid, I’m good, I’m worthy.'”

Powers and Levin, launched the company four years ago, and say their product is just a means to an end: motivating people to improve their relationship with themselves, and in turn, with others.

“I read something the other day about how ‘the best time to work on your marriage is before you get married,’ Levin said. “If you’re more grounded and more mature about yourself and you see yourself with real vision, you’re able to [give to] your partner in a more conscious way.”

We suppose there’s something empowering, albeit a tad gimmicky about what they’re proposing (get it?), but we’ll take any excuse to throw a party celebrating ourselves (remember when Carrie registered at Manolo Blahnik after buying stuff for her married friends on “Sex and the City?”) And, speaking of Ms. Bradshaw, we’ll definitely be buying new shoes for our self-wedding occasion.

What do you think about their product? Would you marry yourself? Let us know below!

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